Monday, October 24, 2016


"Terrorism" is easily one of the defining terms of the 21st century. As such, it gets thrown around like a teenage, submissive bottom. It receives no due consideration, analysis,  or discourse. The term "Terrorism" that has gained such historical notoriety is nothing more than a tool for manipulating and controlling the masses. Identical to Germany/Fascism and the USSR/Communism spanning the 20th century. As if it were a giant, black cock, our government and news media slap us across the face with Terrorism, till our tear stained cheeks are swollen and red like a drunk Korean.
Stop your crying. Let me show you the truth about Terrorism...
For 5 years, I lived in a weekly hotel by the Hard Rock Hotel, just east of the strip in Las Vegas. McCarran Airport is also just east of the strip. So for 20 hours a day, my home was buzzed by Jet Airliners coming in to land one block over. You could call that a form of terrorism. But that's Terrorism on the level of a grade school bully. But, every Friday afternoon, there was a break in the action. There came an extended silence. Then a distant rumble. I would drop everything, run outside, and stare at the sky. The rumble would grow into a deafening explosion, The hotel would shake like it was about to collapse; the earth would shake, car alarms would be going off, terror stricken tourists would be yelling, "What the..." before being drowned out by the din. Then an F-16 from Nellis Air Force Base would fly over so low you could see the pilot laughing. 60 seconds later, another came, same as the first. Even after 5 years, my primal fear was triggered  every time, releasing that wonderful fight or flight adrenaline rush. A predictably recurring stimulus that nonetheless causes your instinctual fear response to override your full awareness that no threat exists, is textbook terrifying.
Keep in mind, we're talking about two fighters ON OUR TEAM, coming in to land at a civilian airport.
WE ARE TERRORISTS - not those guys in the turbans and dusty sandals. Let me put this in some perspective:
For some reason I had trouble finding stats for the Iraq War, but I did find some on Bush 1's Gulf War. In the 1st month (and ONLY month if I recall correctly?) 100,000 bombing  sorties were launched. I have no idea how many planes were in each sortie. Does it matter? Did you get that? 100,000.
88,500 TONS of bombs were dropped.
The terror of witnessing that level of destructive power being unleashed is incomprehensible. I say witness because if you're a target, any feelings of terror were rapidly relived.
Honestly, who really fears the desert hillbillies we label "Terrorists" ?
On the other hand, who fears the ire of the US Military? Yeah, EVERYONE. The WHOLE FUCKING PLANET.
We are the terrorists.
As for the so called terrorists, Bullshit.
They are simply using the ONLY viable war strategy available to them. They are so hilariously out numbered and out gunned that you've got to admire their moxie.
Then come the cries, "But they murder innocent civilians!!!"
So what?
1. So do we.
2. It's WAR dumbass!
3. Ever heard of Hiroshima or Nagasaki?
In the Iraq war we've inflicted around 160,000 DOCUMENTED civilian deaths. 9/11 was practically insignificant by comparison.
I'm sorry to say, but the only "War on Terror" in the world today is being conducted by Islamic Extremists.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Police Racism is TWO Problems: Police are a Problem unto themselves. Racism is a National Problem.

It's time to talk about the police killing black people issue.  What I'm NOT doing here is denying racism being practiced and believed by our policemen.  What I AM saying is that the root of the problem is deeper.  Yes, per % of population a ridiculously disproportionate number of blacks are killed by police (something like 5x - the exact number doesn't matter, it's WAY F'ed up.). However if you correct for the crime rates in black neighborhoods and the amount of poverty and lack of opportunity endured by many of those neighborhoods, the numbers begin to show the racism at work is on a national culture level rather than the level of police.  Now, I'm just talking about the racial aspect of police killings.  The real issue is simply police violence, levels of authority, assigned duties, i.e. The role of police in our society.  Police are killing the crap outta whites and Hispanics too...

Understand, I am NOT vilifying the officers.  It's OUR OWN fault.  We've put them in the position they're in.  We've asked them (or not countered those who DID ask) to perform the duties they are performing and granted them the authority and powers to do the distasteful things they do.  And believe me, they do it to everyone.  Yes, there's unbelievable amounts of racial prejudice and targeting.  I am thankful in that respect that I'm white.  Minorities are set up to fail.  But understand that when police are dealing with whites, they treat them like shit and manhandle them on a nearly equal level.  The problem is with the role we've given police in general.  The narrow focus on racism is leading us astray.  Yes, there's a massive racism problem, but it's on the level of our entire society, not just cops.  The police issue is merely a reflection of the larger problem and CANNOT be solve at the level of police departments.  BUT, the out of control powers and authority of police can be handled - if we would address it properly.

This just scratches the surface, but it's a start...

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Friday, July 08, 2016

Racism is alive and well in the US. It's just gotten really hard for white people to see .

In regards to the tragic events that occurred last night in Dallas, Texas (July 7),there is an honest and inevitable reaction that is not only being ignored but apparently actively suppressed. Why media is pretending that such feelings don't exist is no mystery. No one is talking about it because it places black men on equal ground with law-enforcement by acknowledging their reasonable option to retaliate.

The reaction being ignored can be summed up in a single, simple thought: "Well, if nothing else, that evened up the score a bit."

I listened to coverage on NPR for hours this morning and there was not a word of acknowledgement that anyone could have such a thought. Until, finally a caller brought up the idea that were this an event between factions in the Middle East for example, it would be seen and reported as an act of "retaliation." The caller was immediately disconnected and the next caller was introduced as if the call hadn't happened.  This is why I posit possible active suppression of the concept.
The United States' capacity for denial is truly astounding. No terrorist threat, no ecological disaster, no Russian nuclear missile, nothing!strikes terror in the hearts of white Americans like the thought of angry black people.

A clear example has never been mentioned: George Bush ran the US straight into the ground. No underprivileged group of Americans suffered more than black America. No one seems to remember but at the end of Bush's second term black Americans were up in arms, seemingly on the verge of revolt. Even I don't recall the exact circumstances that were pushing them to the edge, I only recall that riots seemed virtually inevitable. The situation was so bad that agreed-upon solution was the election of America's first black president. Now that is some scared crackers!
Anyway the point is, to deny the existence of a justified and reasonable reaction to the Dallas tragedy, simply out of fear, is just another example of America  disenfranchising it's black citizens.

I kept getting totally interrupted trying to write this so I hope it makes sense...

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


For all the hype about the profundity of The Declaration of Independence, it is important to keep in mind that it has no practical significance whatsoever. That being said, I still assert that we have an ethical obligation to adhere to its philosophical foundations and guiding principles.

Consider the following excerpt:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

We've all heard it a thousand times. The irony of slave owners proclaiming universal equality and the alienable reality of our unalienable Rights always deserve mention, but are not today's topic.  Today, I'd like you to consider some new ideas on "all men are created equal".

If we are all created equal, at what point do we become unequal?  Inequality is a primary characteristic of our society.  In particular, the variability in the amount of compensation each of us receives for our contribution to the world indicates that all men are very much not equal.

I'm going to skip my witty deconstruction of "all men are created equal" and get right to the point. WE ABSOLUTELY CAN BE EQUAL.  The road to such society is ill defined and long, but it does exist.  The most interesting stat I want you to consider is this:  If instead of some individuals being compensated 10 million dollars for their year's work and others receiving 25 thousand dollars for their efforts, what if the income generated by our population was simply pooled and distributed evenly among the households of the US?  How would that work?

It would work perfectly.  How much income would each household in the US receive if evenly distributed?  Try $110,000 per year.  And that's just using income declared for taxes.  God knows how much income is really generated by the US.  Anyway, consider this for a moment.  How would your life change if your annual income was $110k?  A certain number of people would experience a negative impact and substantial loss.  FUCK them.  The VAST majority of households would benefit tremendously.  In fact the change would be so dramatic in most households that introduction of the income would have to be moderated.

As for those that would experience a loss... oh well.  If you can't develop a fulfilling lifestyle with an annual income of $110k, then you are retarded and should just die. Humanity does not need your genes.

Life can be better for all of us.

An added thought: It would probably work better to just distribute individually to each man, woman, and child.  That it encourages overpopulation would have to be addressed, but that aside, at the moment, each person would receive $46,000.  I think we could make it work...

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Thursday, June 09, 2016

In The Bible's Genesis, which ONE acts virtuously? Adam, Eve, Lord God, or the Serpent

The Serpent is the ONLY one that DOESN'T behave like a scum bag!   ...and I'll prove it...

Consider this objective reading and citing of simple story elements:

God to Adam @ Tree -Good & Evil: "thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die."
  • In the day that Adam eatests of the tree, he most surely does NOT die. The threat of death was therefore UNTRUE.
"And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;" 
  • LORD God essentially "roofies" Adam, in order to steal his rib.  Not a very honest approach. Manipulative at best, deceptive at worst...
The exact words of the serpent:
"Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?"
  • A simple question of clarification. Nothing evil there.
"Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."
  • Well, the serpent makes an assertion in contradiction to LORD God's words to Adam, thus far...  Let's see what proves true...
The first words of the line following A&E eating:
"And the eyes of them both were opened"

Well, the first half of the serpent's statement is held true...

Then, LG speaking to "Other Gods?"
"And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:"

As clearly shown in bold, The second half of the serpent's statement is proven true...

IT IS THUS EXPLICITLY SHOWN THAT EVERY STATEMENT MADE BY THE SERPENT WAS CONFIRMED AS TRUE - TO THE WORD.  The only other words uttered by the serpent was a single, benign question.  He has shown no deception, no manipulation, no dishonesty, no hint of evil whatsoever. 

Surely the other characters will hold up equally well under the same scrutiny...

Turning to LORD God... He has already shown some less than Godly behavior earlier in the story, but let's see if he can redeem himself. LORD God's next two statements are:

"And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?"
"And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?"

What happened to "All Knowing" and "All Powerful"?  Well there are two possibilities: Either LORD God ISN'T All Knowing & Powerful, OR he's teasing Adam and falsely showing ignorance - akin to a mean spirited and deceptive child.  Either way, LORD God is only falling further and further from grace...

We are now at Ch. 3 Verse 12 - each verse begins providing information about the characters at this point so I'll look at them and each verse's meaning in sequence:

12  And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.
  • When questioned as to his actions, Adam immediately dodges taking responsibility for his actions, implies that it is partially LORD God's fault! and part Eve's fault.  But, to his credit, he does then make a clear, honest statement of what he did.
13  And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.
  • So LG coolly ignores Adams insult regarding his fault and moves on to interrogating the woman.  Eve, just as Adam did, immediately deflects the blame, this time claiming the serpent "beguiled" her, thus making it his fault.  She then honestly admits to eating from the tree. 
  • Did the serpent "beguile" her?  Conventional interpretations take her at her word (as does LORD God), but that is based on prejudice towards the serpent.  His track record is spotless thus far, which I believe earns him a second, fair look as to his guilt or innocence of "beguiling" Eve.  -- He DID in fact initiate the conversation and subject.  But is that trickery or deception? Well that's now a matter of motivation.  To look at it most simply, we can infer that the serpent had heard of LORD God's threat about the Tree of Knowledge.  As we have already shown, he had awareness that LG's threat of death was an exaggeration and untrue.  I assert that, as any decent person would do, upon observing someone being undeservedly deceived, you let them know the truth.  Which is PRECISELY what he did. He laid some TRUTH on Eve.  He then elaborated, explaining LG's motivation for lying about the consequences of eating from the tree - thus giving his statement some merit beyond just his word vs. LG's.  Understand here, HE'S TELLING HER THE TRUTH of the Tree situation.  The spreading of truth is NOT beguiling.  At NO point did the serpent EVER say Eve should defy LG's or even eat from the tree.  He merely shined the light of truth on the situation in the garden - as Lucifer is wont to do...   The serpent is innocent.  He did not deceive.  He did not beguile.  The defiance of LG's orders is all Eve's own creation, Eve's will, Eve's decision, based on her new, more accurate understanding of the Tree matter.  Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying she made the right decision, I'm just saying to throw the blame on the serpent is unjust, unfairly prejudiced, and simply wrong; when you take an objective view of the events and the least convoluted deductions of  character motivation.   Moving on...
14 And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:
  • With no consideration of the serpent whatsoever, LG takes the word of Eve, the person that just defied his Holy Word, to be unquestionably true - condemning  and punishing the serpent with righteous injustice and without wrong doing by the serpent.  ...Just another example of less than Godly behavior/judgment.
15-19 Is just LORD God dolling out his punishments on A&E (far short of Death, I must point out)

20 is nonsense in English.

21 LORD God kills some of his creations and makes more formidable coverings than the fig aprons A&E had made - and affirming their decision to cover up their shameful bodies.  ...did LG just cringe everytime he laid eyes on A&E prior to their covering themselves?  HE knew their nakedness was shameful and evil - he just didn't mention it - like letting someone walk around with a bugger hanging out of their nose - ANOTHER dick move on LG's part...

22 LG's confirmation of the serpent's true statements...

23, 24 LG casts his gardener slaves out of the garden to fend for themselves...

Thus it is CLEARLY SHOWN:  The Serpent was honest, truthful, and forthcoming, LORD God was dishonest and unfair, and Adam & Eve were mostly honest, but of poor character.  

...they don't even have arms or legs - give 'em a break!

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 So unlimited talk and text have finally become the norm.  What a relief. No more costly overages or wasted minutes.  I guess 2 decades of screwing us with that scam was deemed sufficient...  BUT, our cel providers STILL call upon our psychic powers to select a data plan. Why? They don't gouge you with inflated charges when you exceed your plan - as they did with talk and text plans.  So what's their angle? Why don't they just charge a set rate per MB or GB, up to a certain dollar amount, beyond which usage is unlimited? That's basically what they're doing anyways right?   ...Almost.  They're forcing you to pre-select a data allotment that is above your average usage.  Thus forcing you to pay for more than you use.  That's why the plans jump from 2GB to 5GB. No doubt the most common usage is between 2 and 3GB.

There is NO practical reason for this system.  It is solely in place to rip you off.  And no one utters a single word of protest.  A few geniuses protest by simply paying for unlimited data so they can feel like they're not participating in the nonsense guessing game. I understand the reasoning and reward for that reaction - but it's still a retarded act of defeat.  





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Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Overlooked Issue Re: 30 Men Gang Rape Teen In Brazil

 The serious issues surrounding this horrific case are being reported across the internet and the world's MSM by individuals far more qualified to analyze the story than myself.  Nonetheless, I cannot help but notice the elephant in the living room no one is mentioning...

A 30 on 1 gang rape?  Holy shit!!! The headline verges on unbelievable. Fortunately, the perpetrators were kind enough to post a video of the event on Facebook to prove it really happened. Consider the incredible aspects:
1. I can't get 30 people to show up for a birthday party?
2. To spontaneously assemble such a large group, reach a consensus on the group's goal, and then to achieve that goal, all in a matter of hours is an astonishing achievement.  I challenge any organization to perform an analogous feat.  ...not a chance.
3. The practical logistics of successfully executing this terrible crime are all but supernatural.  The victim only has four limbs? With 4 individuals on restraint duty and an absolute MAXIMUM of 3 actively raping, you're left with 23 participants feeling useless and without purpose.  Sure, perhaps half would have a good enough view of the raping to be engaged, but that still leaves 10+ wandering around, likely to abandon the group. How did they justify the wait time for a turn at raping?  How were the turn order and orifice designations determined without the whole thing degenerating into a massive argument about fairness and equal rights? I have no good solution.  Like I said, the whole thing verges on supernatural...

What a tragic, missed opportunity for Brazil.  Brazil is currently facing colossal political and economic problems.  If only the individual responsible for the gang rape had somehow been identified as a youth and guided into leading the country instead of leading rape gangs...  Come to think of it, there's nothing preventing consulting with him on strategies for saving the nation?  Maybe an answer for Brazil is at hand (well, in custody...) Have I uncovered a silver lining to this horrible crime?

No. Brazil is politically, economically, and culturally fucked up and will remain as such for the foreseeable future...

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Donald TRUMP Might Be AWESOME! My Theory of HOPE.

Trump is a Democrat supporter or at least a disillusioned, anti-Republican at heart  The thought of returning to a Bush-like/Republican nightmare was terrifying.  Furthermore, the reality that Clinton (the inevitable Democratic nominee) was extremely vulnerable to a well polished Republican nominee prompted him to privately offer his assistance to Clinton.  The high probability of a Clinton defeat had Democratic strategists in a panic; until some anonymous visionary got a crazy idea.  Have Trump run for the Republican nomination.  Worst case, it would be a brilliant publicity stunt for Trump's celebrity brand.  Best case, he would win the nomination, ensuring a Democrat victory, and crippling the Republican party with the divisiveness of his uncouth party cabal.  The Trump Campaign is a Clinton/Democrat scheme to ensure victory in the Presidential election.  Trump loathes the Republican base and is simply proving their susceptibility to sensational propaganda and empty stroking of their self-righteous egos.
I actually think this nonsense could be true... Clinton's lack of charisma would certainly prove fatal against any candidate other than Trump.  All of this taken in light of Trump's fearless embrace of unconventional, bold, and over-the-top self/brand promotional strategies and the lilkelihood of him being far more intelligent than he lets-on (as evidenced by his business and celebrity success) -- Regardless, we are going to end up either having Trump's genius or his idiocy to thank for avoiding a renewed Republican nightmare.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

THE TRUTH - How Male - Female "Friendships" Work

 This is just a quick one-off theory I've been contemplating for over two decades...

Men and women will not maintain friendships UNLESS one or both want to fuck the other. i.e. No honestly platonic M/F friendships exist. I have a feeling that a great % of women will rush to reply, "Bullshit! And I'll prove it with an example from my own life... "  Well if you think that is a conflicting example, guess what?  He wants to fuck you.
I don't freely admit it (this is one of my most unpopular theories), but I'm quite convinced this theory is absolutely TRUE.
If a pair of long time friends that are male and female, walk into my office and together profess their mutual, non-sexual interest in one another, claiming THEY are a disproving example, I will confidently state, "One (or both) of you is lying.  DEAL WITH IT."

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Concerning American Jews and German Automobiles

 Is it not perversely ironic that such a large number of American Jews are devout consumers of German automobiles?  I'm not passing judgment or implying any other message or meaning; just confirming my perception of the irony.

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What is DARK MATTER? The first draft of my theory

 Dark matter is the consequence of establishing reality. The matter of the universe is in motion expanding into absolute void. When matter occupies a position never before occupied (relative to the universe's point of origin), it brings that position into existence, into reality; whereas previously that space in reality did not exist - it was of absolute void (unreality? a proper term escapes me?). When matter moves from the newly established position in reality, the position's state of void/vacancy, may seem equivalent to its state prior to its first occupation by matter. It is not. The position has become part of real; it has been brought into existence. Dark matter represents the cumulative measured effect of the difference between absolute void (space that has never been occupied by a particle of matter) and the space of the established universe. In a sense, dark matter is the shadow left by matter as the space of the universe manifests. Confirming we're on the same page, yes, dark matter is increasingly dense as the point of origin of the universe is approached.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Property & Person Inspection + Ad Hoc Digital Surveilance to combat TERRORISM? NOPE. IT'S ALL ABOUT DRUGS, TAX EVASION, AND INSIDER TRADING.

I've seen attention to two subjects (outside of the election) gaining speed of late:
1. The FBI v. Apple encryption and privacy conflict.
2. The pharmaceutical opioid addiction problem.

When is someone gonna stand up and state the issues that are really at hand, that no one has the guts to approach head on...
The law enforcement and investigative powers that have been enhanced in the name of the War on Terrorism have very little to do with combating any credible terrorist threat. Homeland security is the trojan horse that is enabling law enforcement to do all the things it has always wanted to do while combating drugs & money, but could never do because that pesky Constitution kept getting in the way.

Thanks to the nationwide airport security funding explosion after 9/11 and the associated (random) body and baggage searches have almost shut down the coke, heroin, and meth that was zipping around the country in our "friendly skies".  They've been trying to initiate these unconstitutional practices to disrupt the drug trade since the 70's - People wouldn't go for it.  The Gov't has been at war with illicit drugs, not the population. Americans like their various vices.  No way were people going to agree to let security violate their rights and risk a trafficking charge because the fat lady found a 1/16 of weed in an end compartment of my carryon - which she was tearing apart,  inch by inch, in order to make sure my hair dryer wasn't actually a Taliban I.E.D.    REALLY, It's all about terrorists, not the billions of dollars that controlling the illicit drug market would bring our clandestine  projects and the local pig departments. Fuck law enforcement.  When has involving metro ever improved a situation in your life?
    A metro anecdote:  I found a would be thief in my house, passed out on my couch.  I called Metro.  They arrested him on existing warrants.  Nothing ever came of what was missing from my house or any other connection to me or my home.  That's understandable though...  It's not like I caught the guy IN MY HOUSE, PASSED OUT ON MY COUCH or anything...
OK, so the allowances in privacy loss combating terror were a big boost and driven by the war on drugs... Next - big $$$

The surveilance issue is on the one side a drug thing, on the other, it's the elites of America watching their ASS. Why is Apple so staunchly combating the FBI when they're just building evidence on terrorists?  Well the data access at issue is a big deal among the millionaires and up class.  If authorities could access financial data and communication under the guise of the war on terror, the gov't would likely get the super inside track on how the rich are beating the tax code and manipulating stock gains. An email by Trump, cluing in the Kardashians on a new tax loophole might actually cause a problem.  Along with tax evasion, Wall Street traders would have their inside discussions put on parade for America.  It's a lot earsier for my hedge fund to show amazing returns if I know what products are coming down the pipeline, as well as what manufacturers will be used by the factories that will be assembling the products.  Yeah, it might fall under "insider trading"  ?  Might... THAT'S WHY PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT TO PEOPLE OTHER THAN DRUG DEALERS.


Understand This POINT: Just because a surveillance operation is illegal, it doesn't mean it's not worth doing.  Sure, the evidence directly gained is of no use in prosecution, but the infomation gained can be used to direct the nature of legal, sanctioned investigation.  Unsanctioned surveillance and investigations do wonders for law enforcement's "intuition".  Our ability to be unique is almost gone completely.  You just don't realize the magnitude of life options being hidden and denied you.  

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why is one of Prince's primary influences (especially in the 1999 & Purple Reign era) NEVER mentioned, much less given credit for pioneering many aspects of the "Prince Persona".

The connection between this artist and Prince was unmistakable in the early 80's.  The emulation did fade thereafter. But the influence was a key component of Prince's rise to superstardom.  For some reason, many artists are credited for "groundbreaking work" that was "groundbreaking" when it was actually pioneered, 20 years (or more) prior. The same omission occurs around Lenny Kravitz - whose entire identity was nothing by more an a pathetic imitation. It's probably becoming clear that I'm talking about Jimi Hendrix. While every music artist will site Jimi as a primary influence and inspiration, fans and critics rarely if ever recognize the direct derivations of Jimi's art present in so many later artists. It was no secret that Prince idolized Jimi, but so much of the "shocking" and "edgy" aspects of Prince's early work were lifted directly from Jimi, over a decade before. Without Jimi, there would have been no Prince as we knew him,  there would've been no Lenny Kravitz whatsoever (that derivative piece of shit),  and honestly as much as I love Revere him, there would've been no Stevie Ray Vaughn.
 My point is sure every musician recognizes Jimi Hendrix as greatest rock guitarist to have ever lived and arguably the greatest rock artist. But this fact is largely ignored I the general music fan population and frankly, it's disgraceful.  If you love and revere Prince and don't see him as one of Hendrix's countless "children", it's time credit is given where it's due: educate yourself on the totality of Jimi Hendrix.
Does anyone else agree that Prince was primarily a blend of Jimi, Michael Jackson, and James Brown?  ...with a sprinkle of Little Richard 😊
Thank you Prince for the joyful summer of '84. Thank you for writing the soundtrack for some of my most cherished childhood & adolescent memories.

And for the record, LSD was a lot more significant in music back then, than is recognized. A LOT.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

The Capitalist Paradigm we live in is Preventing the Social Progress of Humanity.

The capitalist paradigm in which we live asserts powerful influence and control of our behavior and thought. It limits our ability to conceive of alternative approaches to life by establishing unspoken assumptions and values as universal truths.  The most limiting concept is that of a right private property and the inport and value of that right. Bullshit. If working cooperatively rather than competitively, private property becomes unnecessary. If assertion of power over others is seen as vulgar and petty, uplifting those around you stops being a possible weakness and becomes natural. Money becomes an obsolete concept. Fairness is part of the social fabric and trade becomes absurd. You simply give all you can and ask for what you need, creative expression would take the place of symbols of wealth as the dominant value. But any possibility of positive social evolution for humanity is impossible due to our refusal to acknowledge and challenge the capitalist paradigm.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016


 A pillar of the following essay (like a Mexican) highlights a largely ignored point that is very much the same as that made by atheists, except that many atheists end up pierced by the spear, right along with the theists they think are so irrational.

In a nut shell, the concept that any consciousness or an "I" exists that performs functions independent of the DNA that determines the form and function of every other single cell of our being, is as soundly supported by scientific evidence as a belief in God. It isn't popular to argue against the existence of free will, but I'm suspecting we may just be, nothing more than remarkably complex and sophisticated, organic chemical reactions...

It just occurred to me that there is an unstated assumption, which when removed, allows simple cause/effect mechanisms to easily explain how DNA coding manifests innate, overt, and meaningful behaviors...

We assume that our self-awareness and freewill are not simply mental manifestations to enable sophisticated integrations & manipulations of, as well as responses too the vast, complex array of sensory input. Meaning that our perceived independent self-determination is just an illusion. It is entirely possible that all living things, from amoebas to humans are nothing more than chemical reactions of varying complexity.
Many people counter this dismissal of the power of their conscious mind by stating, "No way. I continuously make decisions based on conscious thoughts, which by their plain existence, disallow this theory. However, the reasoning ignores the core mechanism of the theory: the perception of having consciousness does not require consciousness to exist as a component of reality. The theory posits that the perception of consciousness is just a behavior management, simplification mechanism, whose purpose is to speed the manifestation of actions and reactions. This is accomplished by summarizing the total of all behaviors into groups, organized in patterns.
That we believe there is a controlling "I" beyond our DNA is a side effect of what is simply an incredible means of eliciting magnificently adaptable and precise behaviors.
To claim the complexity of our mental processes makes the theory implausible to the point of irrelevance is not logical. Look at the unimaginable amount of precision, adaptation, and evolution evidenced by our physical bodies. If you consider the time required for a small fish to evolve into a human being, it is reasonable to assume the behavior control systems in the brain would be evolving more and more complex, sophisticated, flexible, and effective behavior guidance mechanisms.
Really, the consciousness we perceive is a tiny portion of the awe inspiring behavior guidance system that has evolved in humans. The overwhelming majority of our bodies' activity autonomic and automatic (via habit). The mechanism that produces the illusion of self beyond our physical organism is the innovative edge of our evolution. It is s brilliant solution to the limits of adaptability and sophistication that life encountered utilizing only long-form DNA behavior guidance.  We inflate the significance of this unique side effect of a tiny part of our or any being's behavior guidance system, to the point that we think is exists independently of the whole system.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Afghanistan Sending Special Forces into Kentucky to Exterminate a Radical Christian Millionaire, Accused of Crashing his 10-Speed into Afghanistan's Largest Fruit Stand.

A PERSON incapable of applying THE GOLDEN RULE in Relations with Others is called a SOCIOPATH.

A GOVERNMENT incapable of applying THE GOLDEN RULE in Foreign Relations is called THE UNITED STATES.

EVERY PRESIDENT you've elected has REFUSED to apply THE 1st TENET OF HUMAN DECENCY when interacting WITH THE WORLD,
yet a 2nd GRADER has NO PROBLEM applying it UNIVERSALLY.


(Credit where credit is due:
At least Obama has made a token effort.)

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Thursday, March 10, 2016


 It seems to me that capitalism is unethical and unsustainable by nature. 
Consider, in any given endeavor, goods or services are provided to a consumer. The consumer then provides commensurate compensation for the cost incurred in providing the good or service.  In this model, neither party in the exchange would receive more (or less) than they contributed.  The vendor has not gained beyond actual expenditure, nor has any net loss occurred. The consumer has also experienced no net gain or loss, as the payment (whatever the form) was equivalent to the cost of what was provided. In this case the buyer and seller are equal partners, equally invested in the exchange. But this is not how capitalism functions.

Capitalism puts forth that the vendor must not just break even, but profit from the transaction. When we add profit into our model, the equality and balance are necessarily disrupted. What is occurring is an assertion of power by the vendor over the buyer, forcing the buyer to invest more in the exchange  than the vendor.

 The obvious argument is that the buyer has the option of not engaging in the transaction.   However, that is the case only in advanced stages of capitalism. At capitalism's origin and initial stages, the goods and services provided are fundamental to the society, if not necessities. The advantage of societal living is that tasks can be devided among the members and therefore receive more attention and be performed with greater sophistication than if each every member had to perform every task for themselves.  Note that  this division of labor creates an interdependency amongst the members of the society.  (e.g.  If I spend all day making shoes for  my fellow members, I'm not going to have time to gather food  for myself and family. I must therefore rely on others to  perform that task.  Similarly since they're out getting food, they're not going to have much time to make shoes for themselves, but fortunately, I'm taking care of that for them.)   Also notice that there is no provision for profit yet.  At this early stage shit just has to get done.  There is no abstract system of comparative value placed upon the society's operational tasks.

 When the intermediary element of money is introduced,  the notion of inequality amongst society's members tags along.  This is the case because the usage of an intermediary unit of exchange requires  arbitrary assignment of value to each task on an individual basis.  This in turn gives birth to the hierarchical power structure in the society.

Just as in a feudal system, the way to the top of the ladder and staying there is via monopolies.  "Free" capitalist societies frown on the overt inequality showcased by a successful resource or market monopolization. So multiple legal entities in competition will disguise the fact that the separate entities function together as a monopoly. The rape of the 95% rolls on.

A quick NOTE: the 5-2%'ers can go fuck themselves along with the 1's. A lot more probably deserve black delivered anal, but, whatever.

As the shrewd and the lucky earn beyond their needs, they begin to amass money, which equates with  power and control. Money is the only resource that can trade for anything and the ones able to limit their efforts to providing money to establish businesses, rather than labor to generate income, they quietly gather the Lion's share of the vague profits and have  plenty of time to start another income stream, and another, and another. The people staffing their enterprises don't have the time nor resources (that should be singular, money) to transition from worker to owner.  By inventing a trade medium with no essential value, and selling it to the unsuspecting masses as an unquestionable pillar of civilization, the aristocracy gave their beloved feudal system a facelift. Money quickly evolved into the ultimate weapon to manipulate humanity. So long a you give as little to those below you,  you conveniently maximize you accumulation of power while assuring your employees/slaves will never have the resources to challenge your death grip on ultimate power.

Profit is an invented tool of oppression. Because providing pizza isn't defined as deserving of electricity for your home, you HAVE to buy into and play a rigged game. Hell,  I was making over 100,000 a year at the turn-of-the-century. That's not slavery or oppression. That Boss money for a single guy! Ummm... no. That's throwing a bitch a bone to maintain the appearance that a she's playing a game and starting to win. She also serves as an example to others so they believe in the system. It's real. You're free, and trade is fair, and money is essential to civilization.
If capitalism were as we are sold, it wouldn't be sustainable. You can't extract more out of a system than the sum of its components. There PHYSICALLY isn't anything to extract. Profit is a lie. Profit comes only at he expense of others. If you build a financial system by loaning the participants money at interest, once they've paid back the principal loan, there's no money left in the system! How are they supposed to pay you the interest!?!? It's a Ponzi scheme. Take another loan at 1% and loan it to your "friend" at 2%. And tell home you have a safe he can keep the cash in and you'll even pay him .1% interest - guaranteed! Just for letting me keep it safe for you.  How great is that?!? I'm paying you so I can provide a service for you! Smoke n mirrors. Even the bitches owning their own business an living fat and secure are just being played. The ones that control us and the illusion were at the "I've Won!!!" stage not hundreds of years ago, but millenniums ago. There is no game to win.

As such, we have a binary choice.   We can keep up this façade of playing a game and competing with each other to win, marveling at our masters' effortless victories and envy their wynners' commensurate rewards .  Or we can stop pretending to play a game that doesn't exist, stop laboring to provide amusement, pleasure, and satisfaction for our masters. Instead we can do something real, live real and meaningful lives of expression and comprehension by cooperating and supporting each other. Competition is an inefficient motivator of progress. Open, fearless collaboration for the betterment and benefit of all would have brought 10x the "progress" & wondrous experiences, in half the time. I'm tired of playing dissonant civilization for our masters. I think more people are ready to start living  than even the optimists would believe. I meet you guys out there everyday. How can you accept and support the indoctrination of your children into mediocrity without even trying to open your eyes an life a real life of freedom.?!?!

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Are we not the absolute worst?

Depending on which estimates you go by, between a MINIMUM of 2 million  and a maximum of 30 million North American natives were NOT killed "accidentally" by the introduction of European illnesses. But they WERE killed nonetheless. Even the lowest calculable estimate of 2 million seems a pretty big number to me.

And this is just one of many instances in which we as a nation shamelessly disregard the implications of the most fundamental axiom of human decency: The Golden Rule.

Will our nation ever have enough character to look ourselves in the mirror? How on earth can American euro-crackers justify outrage over "illegal immigrants" from Mexico? If Iran invaded Mexico and went into full scale war with a vaguely defined entity in Canada, would we sit idly by, as we unquestioningly expect them to, under equivalent circumstances? Would we be unmoved if the Russian Navy maintained permanent patrols around South America? Would we not react if ANY country established military bases in the Western Hemisphere?

Yet we righteously perform these very acts all over the world. I'm ashamed of my inability to take effective action against my country's hypocrisy.

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Friday, February 05, 2016

Wacky Alien Ideas For Your Consideration

In case you missed my point previously (  If any crop circles are not man-made hoaxes, the assumption that the alien creators are of similar scale to humans is overlooked. I think microscopic scale life forms, that cannot survive/exist on the Earth's surface (for whatever reason), attempting to communicate their existence and initiate a dialogue with humanity, is an intriguing hypothesis.  I postulate further that they are capable of interstellar travel; traveling outside normal space/time, entering/exiting normal space from the center of gravity wells (planets, stars, and the like).
Maybe not...
Still, I think alien life is likely to be on a scale much larger or smaller than our own. It also wouldn't surprise me if they are found to be perceptible only in wavelengths outside those of visible light.

Whatever alien life exists, the less they have in common with us, the better.  That is because for us and beings like us, travel beyond our home solar systems is all but impossible. ...And I want some alien intervention on Earth and that requires some bizarre aliens making a house call. Given the immensity of the universe, Greys & Reptilians in flying saucers probably do exist, but they are as stuck in their home solar systems as we are. They ain't comin. Get over it.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Some Overlooked Truths...

Unbleached flour is just flour.
Doesn't Probiotics and Antibiotics both being promoted as good just cancel the whole matter out?  Then again, I KNOW Antibiotics have been helpful to me, so isn't it likely this whole Probiotic thing is a sham? By the way, wtf is gluten?  Cheers.

I saw on quora: What are some obvious truths that are commonly overlooked?  This was my response:

Money can buy happiness. Provided the proper purchases.

Sunday is the first day of the week.

Marriage isn't a legal matter.

At some point, the number of children you have is placing an undue burden on society and the environment.

Politicians aren't public servants.

Capitalism is necessarily exploitive.

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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Capitalism & Money are Religion in Disguise

 Capitalism's championing of mediocrity and the appearance of excellence over wonderful innovation and demonstrative excellence is displayed throughout our culture (USA & its global derivatives). I have to give props to google here for not abandoning their founding principle of elegance via efficiency and functionality. They've fallen victim to enough compromising of that principle to acquire fantastic financial success, but you at least still see the original google clearer than its embellishments. But I digress...

It is commonly believed that profit and competition are what drive innovation.
NO, THEY DO NOT. Passion and humanity and the love of creation and accomplishment drives innovation. Profit and competition use innovation but stifle it in the name of profit and strategy.

Engineers don't choose how they think - they just do it. Great chefs were good cooks right away, fukin Jordan would have invented basketball had it not already existed...

Most of humanities talents are never realized because of the struggle to earn enough money to live.  The human resources that would be freed up by the elimination of money would be more than sufficient to pursue a closer approximation of a global utopia.

When inside the paradigm of capitalism, it's hard to imagine any other way to be. Break out. We can be so much better than this...

And lastly:

Apartments are ANYTHING but APART!!!  ...assholes...

Streaming Thoughts From Office Machine Sales to Capitalism's Insufferable Flaw

This started out as a text message and just got way out of control. I was too embarrassed to send it so I just moved it here

Checked out Elan. I wouldn't thrive. I can only sell things I really believe in. I was a personal driver for a copuer/printer/paper salesman that made millions having every major casino Corp for clients. But the reason he made millions instead of hundreds of 1000's was compounding price increases hidden in the contracts. God knows what the company made. They ultimately got nailed. Everyone above him in the co. got prison time and massive restitution. He avoided prosecution but went BK. I'm into operations and procedural efficiency analysis, which they dabble in, but still, in the end, you have to upsell and sell in your/Elan's best interests rather than the client's. To act on the analysis and recommendations as to your needs made by the distributor of the product in question assures you a B+ result. It might appear to be an A+ improvement. That just means the sales rep. is doing his job well.  In yet another example of the irony built into the universe, the job of an honest organizational efficiency consultant is to put himself out of a job.  (Wow, am I on one today!) apple is a perfect example of why capitalism sucks ass. Up to the early versions of OS X, apple's products were in a league of their own. And they went broke. Since adopting a policy of milking and marketing that singular brand  reputation, spreading out leaps of innovation into baby steps, forcing self marketing on their users - the gap between their products and their competitors' has diminished to nearly nothing if it hasn't vanished completely. Yet their financial gains transformed from BK to earnings comparable to but a handful of co's in history? Between '81 and 2003ish I promoted and sold apple products as if I was an  employee, ...
Sorry, this has turned into a blog rant... I'm moving it over there... See my insanity at ...I will continue this line of reasoning in subsequent posts...

Capitalism's championing of mediocrity...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Insurance Companies Are Runnin This Place

The insurance industry has always been distasteful to me. Recently, that distaste gained a bit of clarity. There are laws requiring insurance on property & mortgages, on cars, and now health. Isn't there something wrong with the government requiring us to utilize a private business entity to engage in these fundamental, nearly universal, endeavors? I get the reasons why this is the case, but still...  ?
If you're viewing my blog directly, scroll to the next post and you'll see how I got onto to this line of reasoning.  If you're viewing this from google+ or some other 3rd party just click the blog title, then scroll down.

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Monday, July 20, 2015


Opponents of laws restricting personal freedom in the name of safety (eg. helmet, seatbelt, and smoking laws) generally point to the pussification of American society as the driving force behind their relatively recent proliferation.

It has occurred to me that there is a more likely cause. I believe we are seeing the insurance industry flexing its political muscle to establish grounds for exclusionary clauses and to directly eliminate sources of expensive payouts and using (one way or another) the recipients of those payouts to put a more acceptable face on the bills they push through the federal and state legislatures.

Not to say the pussification of America isn't a problem, I just think the political clout of the constituent group is being overestimated.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

If I were a rich man, I'd diddle diddle...

For this example, suppose that I developed a mediocre computer OS , but managed to partner up with the largest hardware manufacturers and thus became the platform the world relies on to function each day.
After years of quiet global domination, I amassed a net worth of $80,000,000,000. Being a practical kind of guy, I decided to liquidate my assets and filled a warehouse with $100 bills.  After taking a picture to post on my Facebook page, I deposited the money into a savings account at my local Bank of America branch. Being the generous entity that it is, the bank is giving me a whopping 1.25% annual interest rate on my savings. That's right, 1.25%.

Interestingly enough, even at that rate, I'm STILL EARNING
Looks like it's Ramen again tonight...

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Are you an individual of considerable, self sustaining wealth? Well if so, this is written to you, even if you're an insufferable prick:

I just had an awesome, theist style, epiphany revealing God's certain non-existence. Wow. This is a new experience/perspective on things...   To have the ecstatic rush of Devine revelation within the universe of reason. I hope I can't put this into the right words...

The incomprehensibly small distinction between zero and the probability of this and EVERY moment's exact configuration of the universe, to manifest as a component of a being's (mine) conscious experience - if it was the result of any amount of purposeful effort - it would
be an act of such magnificent and profound, pointless and mundane banality that a divine origin is necessarily - by conceptual definition - RULED OUT.  --  THIS in turn, for PRECISELY th SAME reason, and repeating on to infinity is Incontrovertible PROOF that there is NO God nor god(s).
If that's not worthy of a monthly stipend of a few thousand bucks, so I can focus on being a great Dad, then fuck off.

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