Friday, May 27, 2016

Donald TRUMP Might Be AWESOME! My Theory of HOPE.

Trump is a Democrat supporter or at least a disillusioned, anti-Republican at heart  The thought of returning to a Bush-like/Republican nightmare was terrifying.  Furthermore, the reality that Clinton (the inevitable Democratic nominee) was extremely vulnerable to a well polished Republican nominee prompted him to privately offer his assistance to Clinton.  The high probability of a Clinton defeat had Democratic strategists in a panic; until some anonymous visionary got a crazy idea.  Have Trump run for the Republican nomination.  Worst case, it would be a brilliant publicity stunt for Trump's celebrity brand.  Best case, he would win the nomination, ensuring a Democrat victory, and crippling the Republican party with the divisiveness of his uncouth party cabal.  The Trump Campaign is a Clinton/Democrat scheme to ensure victory in the Presidential election.  Trump loathes the Republican base and is simply proving their susceptibility to sensational propaganda and empty stroking of their self-righteous egos.
I actually think this nonsense could be true... Clinton's lack of charisma would certainly prove fatal against any candidate other than Trump.  All of this taken in light of Trump's fearless embrace of unconventional, bold, and over-the-top self/brand promotional strategies and the lilkelihood of him being far more intelligent than he lets-on (as evidenced by his business and celebrity success) -- Regardless, we are going to end up either having Trump's genius or his idiocy to thank for avoiding a renewed Republican nightmare.

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