Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Overlooked Issue Re: 30 Men Gang Rape Teen In Brazil

 The serious issues surrounding this horrific case are being reported across the internet and the world's MSM by individuals far more qualified to analyze the story than myself.  Nonetheless, I cannot help but notice the elephant in the living room no one is mentioning...

A 30 on 1 gang rape?  Holy shit!!! The headline verges on unbelievable. Fortunately, the perpetrators were kind enough to post a video of the event on Facebook to prove it really happened. Consider the incredible aspects:
1. I can't get 30 people to show up for a birthday party?
2. To spontaneously assemble such a large group, reach a consensus on the group's goal, and then to achieve that goal, all in a matter of hours is an astonishing achievement.  I challenge any organization to perform an analogous feat.  ...not a chance.
3. The practical logistics of successfully executing this terrible crime are all but supernatural.  The victim only has four limbs? With 4 individuals on restraint duty and an absolute MAXIMUM of 3 actively raping, you're left with 23 participants feeling useless and without purpose.  Sure, perhaps half would have a good enough view of the raping to be engaged, but that still leaves 10+ wandering around, likely to abandon the group. How did they justify the wait time for a turn at raping?  How were the turn order and orifice designations determined without the whole thing degenerating into a massive argument about fairness and equal rights? I have no good solution.  Like I said, the whole thing verges on supernatural...

What a tragic, missed opportunity for Brazil.  Brazil is currently facing colossal political and economic problems.  If only the individual responsible for the gang rape had somehow been identified as a youth and guided into leading the country instead of leading rape gangs...  Come to think of it, there's nothing preventing consulting with him on strategies for saving the nation?  Maybe an answer for Brazil is at hand (well, in custody...) Have I uncovered a silver lining to this horrible crime?

No. Brazil is politically, economically, and culturally fucked up and will remain as such for the foreseeable future...

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