Saturday, May 21, 2016

What is DARK MATTER? The first draft of my theory

 Dark matter is the consequence of establishing reality. The matter of the universe is in motion expanding into absolute void. When matter occupies a position never before occupied (relative to the universe's point of origin), it brings that position into existence, into reality; whereas previously that space in reality did not exist - it was of absolute void (unreality? a proper term escapes me?). When matter moves from the newly established position in reality, the position's state of void/vacancy, may seem equivalent to its state prior to its first occupation by matter. It is not. The position has become part of real; it has been brought into existence. Dark matter represents the cumulative measured effect of the difference between absolute void (space that has never been occupied by a particle of matter) and the space of the established universe. In a sense, dark matter is the shadow left by matter as the space of the universe manifests. Confirming we're on the same page, yes, dark matter is increasingly dense as the point of origin of the universe is approached.

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