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It's because they're the centrist compromise.  THEY ARE NOT THE "LEFT".  I'M THE LEFT (and wackos like me)The Republican Party, at some point, adopted a brilliant strategy to preserve their power.
The story goes like this:
The BIG, OLD MONEY of the US rolls in the Republican Party.  They're conservative.  They want to preserve the status quo because they're kicking ass.  They're in the driver's seat of the most powerful country in the world.  They're winning the game and it's a landslide.  Even their God looks at them and say, "Damn! Think you've got enough money?  ...Jeeeze...

Well, there was a time when people considered systems other than "democratic capitalism". While such notions are taboo at this point, people recognized the exploitative and divisive nature of capitalism and actively pursued alternatives with less questionable moral foundations.  The Powers That Be realized that one hard left swing of public opinion could permanently wipe out their position of power, privilege, and control.  They needed a strategy to prevent such a hard left swing from ever happening.  Someone came up with a brilliant solution.

They had to define the Left Wing as being outside the range of viable political alternatives.  By asserting their control of the nation's media and political climate in DC, they set about redefining political moderates as "The Left" and the actual leftists as "unpatriotic". Before you dismiss this as another "ridiculous conspiracy theory" (which is not redundant by the way), consider how it fits with reality.  There are a number of anomolies that we simply accept as having no explanation, no importance, and we choose to just ignore.

Why doesn't the Left fight for their beliefs with as much passion as the Right?
The Left DOES.  I lose my fucking mind within 10 seconds of viewing Fox News.  I'm yelling and pacing like a caged animal... right in the middle of a pizza place.  BUT, I can't really promote my point of view because it's too radical and unpatriotic.  If the Left was actually represented in our system, there would be a lot more Republicans walking around with black eyes. But liberals are forced to settle for the Democrats.  We've been taught that Democrats are "the Left" and that the philosophies of Dems and Reps are irreconcilable.  No, they're not.  Sure there are differences in their details, but fundamentally, they function the same, and there's no significant disruption when power changes hands between them.  This is because the Democrats are the compromisers.  They are the centrists BETWEEN the Right and the Left. But they've been redefined as the Left to protect the interests of OLD MONEY.

This is why the Dems seem so limp wristed and timid when compared to the aggressive and impenitent Reps.  You only get serious passion and conviction at the ends of a spectrum. This is why the Democrats are so disappointing to much of their party.  They might control Congress and the Presidency but still, very little reform will actually occur.

Consider the matter in terms of television news.  On the Right is Fox News and on the supposed left is CNN and MSNBC.  Contrary to Fox's claims, the reporting on CNN and MSNBC don't seem to have the objectionable amounts of spin seen on Fox.  I often try to identify how they could be reporting an event with less bias and can't identify where the bias is; because the reporting isn't biased.  Especially when the story is in conflict with Republican interests, impartial reporting just gets labeled as liberal by conservative elements.

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