Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Police Racism is TWO Problems: Police are a Problem unto themselves. Racism is a National Problem.

It's time to talk about the police killing black people issue.  What I'm NOT doing here is denying racism being practiced and believed by our policemen.  What I AM saying is that the root of the problem is deeper.  Yes, per % of population a ridiculously disproportionate number of blacks are killed by police (something like 5x - the exact number doesn't matter, it's WAY F'ed up.). However if you correct for the crime rates in black neighborhoods and the amount of poverty and lack of opportunity endured by many of those neighborhoods, the numbers begin to show the racism at work is on a national culture level rather than the level of police.  Now, I'm just talking about the racial aspect of police killings.  The real issue is simply police violence, levels of authority, assigned duties, i.e. The role of police in our society.  Police are killing the crap outta whites and Hispanics too...

Understand, I am NOT vilifying the officers.  It's OUR OWN fault.  We've put them in the position they're in.  We've asked them (or not countered those who DID ask) to perform the duties they are performing and granted them the authority and powers to do the distasteful things they do.  And believe me, they do it to everyone.  Yes, there's unbelievable amounts of racial prejudice and targeting.  I am thankful in that respect that I'm white.  Minorities are set up to fail.  But understand that when police are dealing with whites, they treat them like shit and manhandle them on a nearly equal level.  The problem is with the role we've given police in general.  The narrow focus on racism is leading us astray.  Yes, there's a massive racism problem, but it's on the level of our entire society, not just cops.  The police issue is merely a reflection of the larger problem and CANNOT be solve at the level of police departments.  BUT, the out of control powers and authority of police can be handled - if we would address it properly.

This just scratches the surface, but it's a start...

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