Monday, October 24, 2016


"Terrorism" is easily one of the defining terms of the 21st century. As such, it gets thrown around like a teenage, submissive bottom. It receives no due consideration, analysis,  or discourse. The term "Terrorism" that has gained such historical notoriety is nothing more than a tool for manipulating and controlling the masses. Identical to Germany/Fascism and the USSR/Communism spanning the 20th century. As if it were a giant, black cock, our government and news media slap us across the face with Terrorism, till our tear stained cheeks are swollen and red like a drunk Korean.
Stop your crying. Let me show you the truth about Terrorism...
For 5 years, I lived in a weekly hotel by the Hard Rock Hotel, just east of the strip in Las Vegas. McCarran Airport is also just east of the strip. So for 20 hours a day, my home was buzzed by Jet Airliners coming in to land one block over. You could call that a form of terrorism. But that's Terrorism on the level of a grade school bully. But, every Friday afternoon, there was a break in the action. There came an extended silence. Then a distant rumble. I would drop everything, run outside, and stare at the sky. The rumble would grow into a deafening explosion, The hotel would shake like it was about to collapse; the earth would shake, car alarms would be going off, terror stricken tourists would be yelling, "What the..." before being drowned out by the din. Then an F-16 from Nellis Air Force Base would fly over so low you could see the pilot laughing. 60 seconds later, another came, same as the first. Even after 5 years, my primal fear was triggered  every time, releasing that wonderful fight or flight adrenaline rush. A predictably recurring stimulus that nonetheless causes your instinctual fear response to override your full awareness that no threat exists, is textbook terrifying.
Keep in mind, we're talking about two fighters ON OUR TEAM, coming in to land at a civilian airport.
WE ARE TERRORISTS - not those guys in the turbans and dusty sandals. Let me put this in some perspective:
For some reason I had trouble finding stats for the Iraq War, but I did find some on Bush 1's Gulf War. In the 1st month (and ONLY month if I recall correctly?) 100,000 bombing  sorties were launched. I have no idea how many planes were in each sortie. Does it matter? Did you get that? 100,000.
88,500 TONS of bombs were dropped.
The terror of witnessing that level of destructive power being unleashed is incomprehensible. I say witness because if you're a target, any feelings of terror were rapidly relived.
Honestly, who really fears the desert hillbillies we label "Terrorists" ?
On the other hand, who fears the ire of the US Military? Yeah, EVERYONE. The WHOLE FUCKING PLANET.
We are the terrorists.
As for the so called terrorists, Bullshit.
They are simply using the ONLY viable war strategy available to them. They are so hilariously out numbered and out gunned that you've got to admire their moxie.
Then come the cries, "But they murder innocent civilians!!!"
So what?
1. So do we.
2. It's WAR dumbass!
3. Ever heard of Hiroshima or Nagasaki?
In the Iraq war we've inflicted around 160,000 DOCUMENTED civilian deaths. 9/11 was practically insignificant by comparison.
I'm sorry to say, but the only "War on Terror" in the world today is being conducted by Islamic Extremists.

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