Monday, May 23, 2016

THE TRUTH - How Male - Female "Friendships" Work

 This is just a quick one-off theory I've been contemplating for over two decades...

Men and women will not maintain friendships UNLESS one or both want to fuck the other. i.e. No honestly platonic M/F friendships exist. I have a feeling that a great % of women will rush to reply, "Bullshit! And I'll prove it with an example from my own life... "  Well if you think that is a conflicting example, guess what?  He wants to fuck you.
I don't freely admit it (this is one of my most unpopular theories), but I'm quite convinced this theory is absolutely TRUE.
If a pair of long time friends that are male and female, walk into my office and together profess their mutual, non-sexual interest in one another, claiming THEY are a disproving example, I will confidently state, "One (or both) of you is lying.  DEAL WITH IT."

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