Friday, July 08, 2016

Racism is alive and well in the US. It's just gotten really hard for white people to see .

In regards to the tragic events that occurred last night in Dallas, Texas (July 7),there is an honest and inevitable reaction that is not only being ignored but apparently actively suppressed. Why media is pretending that such feelings don't exist is no mystery. No one is talking about it because it places black men on equal ground with law-enforcement by acknowledging their reasonable option to retaliate.

The reaction being ignored can be summed up in a single, simple thought: "Well, if nothing else, that evened up the score a bit."

I listened to coverage on NPR for hours this morning and there was not a word of acknowledgement that anyone could have such a thought. Until, finally a caller brought up the idea that were this an event between factions in the Middle East for example, it would be seen and reported as an act of "retaliation." The caller was immediately disconnected and the next caller was introduced as if the call hadn't happened.  This is why I posit possible active suppression of the concept.
The United States' capacity for denial is truly astounding. No terrorist threat, no ecological disaster, no Russian nuclear missile, nothing!strikes terror in the hearts of white Americans like the thought of angry black people.

A clear example has never been mentioned: George Bush ran the US straight into the ground. No underprivileged group of Americans suffered more than black America. No one seems to remember but at the end of Bush's second term black Americans were up in arms, seemingly on the verge of revolt. Even I don't recall the exact circumstances that were pushing them to the edge, I only recall that riots seemed virtually inevitable. The situation was so bad that agreed-upon solution was the election of America's first black president. Now that is some scared crackers!
Anyway the point is, to deny the existence of a justified and reasonable reaction to the Dallas tragedy, simply out of fear, is just another example of America  disenfranchising it's black citizens.

I kept getting totally interrupted trying to write this so I hope it makes sense...

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