Monday, July 01, 2013

How Edward Snowden is increasing our security...

Over and over, the message from the US government is that Edward Snowden has profoundly jeopardized our nation's security.  As usual, the truth lies in diametrical opposition to our government's statements.

Years ago I deduced the essential progression to establish peace:
See my most recent reference to it here...

There's actually a 7th step, "Joy", but that's a bit far off to worry about now.
What Snowden has done is opened the door to step 3.  The United States demands transparency from the rest of the world  while being by far the least transparent.  I'm not talking about our political processes, i.e. the 3 branches of the federal government.  That's just patty-cake to keep us busy.  I'm talking primarily about Military Technology development/deployment and CIA/NSA/Covert Operations.  One can only imagine the extent of such programs.  To them, transparency is a four letter word.

As I've said before, step 3 is the biggie.  It's the one that takes guts.  Our government is so far from having such courage that it is embarrassing.  For all our power, to behave with so much fear is shameful.  Snowden has given our pussy leadership a kick in the ass.  Hopefully someone of influence will realize that the world didn't end and we weren't overrun by terrorists the moment we were forced to BE HONEST. 

Maybe I'll add to this later.  But probably not...

BUT...  How is our security being increased?  Snowden has provided an opportunity to begin leveling the playing field.  As long as the US looks down on the rest of the world in a hierarchical sense (not necessarily prejudiced) people will feel justifiably oppressed.  Oppression will always ultimately bring about retaliation.  By exposing our deceptive and/or shameful acts, Snowden is giving us a chance to stop propagating those type of policies and start a new tactic of playing above board.  If we give up our meddling, subversion, manipulation, etc. - we become able to live as a world not nations continually maneuvering and posturing.  Living as equals, as partners with the other nations of the world is the only way we will ever be truly secure.  Edward Snowden has provided a never before seen opportunity for the United States to begin rejoining the Rest of the World - and someday have true security.  Honest security.  At the moment we just a psycho-bitch living in denial, unable to accept that our philosophy is rooted in FEAR.  I'm tired of being the world's sociopathic girlfriend.  I'm fucking tired of it.  I want the government to represent ME, not what they think i need.  ME.  Thanks Ed.

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