Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I just saw the most niggerant CNN panel of experts ever!!! Don Lemon, Buck Davis, Marc Lamont Hill, Wendy Walsh

That's right, niggerant.  The show was organized by Don Lemon, I believe for the purpose of openly exploring the word 'nigger'.  For argument's sake, the classic, boring racial slurs vs. white people were also thrown in, but were basically discarded right away.  He did preface the introduction of the panel saying 'nigger' would be the the primary theme.  Then...

Don Lemon introduced the show as intended to be a

"discussion, without censorship, without code words, without awkwardness.  And we have a group of people to help drive this conversation..."

He then plays an introduction video which concludes with Columbia professor, Marc Lamont Hill stating a belief that we are hurting our selves as a society trying to improve itself by censoring and running away from slurs and such words.

The panel is then introduced Goofy White Guy (Buck Davis), Marc Lamont Hill, Female So. Cal Psychologist (Wendy Walsh).  You gotta love the irony of the black guy in the middle, being the only one to use a middle name, which are generally only used in reference to assassins e.g. James Earl Ray or John Wilkes Booth

Right off the bat, Don refuses to utter 'nigger' or any slur and instead uses his blue flash cards.  WHAT?!?!  What the fuck happened to "without censorship" Could you be a little more spineless and retarded?!?!

Wendy speaks first.  Right out the gate, she delivers MY message that taboo words like 'nigger' gain and retain their power because of their non-usage.  Then some true blah blah.

THEN DON PIPES IN, "I said the word, you said, 'the N-word'.  do you have trouble saying that as a white woman?"
WHAT?!?! THAT FAGGOT SAID 'NIGGER' ONCE, early on in the intro.  When the main body of the program begain, HE PUSSED OUT AND USED HIS FAGGY FLASH CARDS.  And now he's claiming liberal nigger-use?  1. As if THAT'S SOMETHING!!!  and 2. When he simply didn't do shit.  I noticed on my first watching.  I'm sure most people were at home going, "But...?  Didn't he just...? Huh?  Maybe I missed something..."  FUCK HIS WANNA-BE BITCH ASS.  FUCKIN PUSSY.

Wendy squeezes in the bi-racial nigger question which Don shines on.  Don addresses Marc, asking if we're hurting ourselves by not using these words? Which was actually just quoting Marc from two minutes prior... retards.

Marc starts out doin the intellectual thing pointing out 'post-racial' attitudes of ignoring racial terms and designations and how impotent it is in terms of progress towards a better world (which we'll leave undefined.  But I still think it's time to demonize Koreans in the Southern states.)  Then this dude says in context, "nigger"s no big deal, "or if you (Don) use it as an esteemed journalist." then goes on, "do I think white people should be using it?  Absolutely not.  Do I think someone with a biracial son should be confused about this?  Absolutely not."  WHAT?!?! WHAT THE FUCK?  He's got to be going inflammatory to hold viewer interest.  What about esteemed journalists that are white?  No biracial confusion on usage?  Ok then Colombia smarty pants fucky fuck fuck, what's the answer then?  What do you tell the biracial kid? Oh! You don't bother to say.  You just go off on your 'get over it whitey" rant which is totally contrary to everything you've said previously.  I hope you read this and leave a comment that you were just stoking the fire and not a flaming idiot.

Oh yeah, I've heard "N-word" about a thousand times at this point. What happened to "NO CODE WORDS"?  Mr. Open Honest Discussion cuz u a "real-nigger" FAG.

I wanted to try out using 'er' in a phrase where most persons would use 'a'.  Much to my dismay, it felt awkward to not use 'a'.  Damn it! The nimrods are winning.  By braking away from 'nigger' and creating this new word "nigga', we're basically throwing away decades of the process of disempowering 'nigger' and have to start all over again.

Don't you get it?  I don't want to say 'nigger'.  I DON'T WANT THE POWER.  I'm sick of being able to piss off any black person by simply uttering a word,    It's stupid.  This is bringing to mind Jackie Chan, "Wassup, ma nigga?"  "What did you say?"  "?Wassup? ma? nigga?"

Maybe I'll finish this ...niggerant

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