Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dear Bigots, Culturalists, and all Anti-Black People people,

Barak Obama is now in his second term.  I gotta tell you, what a relief it is to have a competent President.  But yeah, in his second term and not a single shot has been fired, not one bullet has whizzed by his head, not even a shoe! All you racist, prejudiced, bigoted, puss cunt, assholes are a bunch of FAGS!  NOT ONE LEGITIMATE EFFORT TO GET THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT?  HAHA, the better people won! ...and you're a bunch of ineffective, faggot-ass, losers!  Fuck you.

And don't even take that as a challenge.  First term is over.  Complete.  Let it go.  You had four frikin years and choked. Game over and you lost.  (and believe it or not, he's doin a good job.)  The simple fact that I'm blogging this and not carving it in stone with a sharpened piece of bone is a fucking miracle, and you have Barak Obama to thank.

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