Sunday, February 14, 2016

Are we not the absolute worst?

Depending on which estimates you go by, between a MINIMUM of 2 million  and a maximum of 30 million North American natives were NOT killed "accidentally" by the introduction of European illnesses. But they WERE killed nonetheless. Even the lowest calculable estimate of 2 million seems a pretty big number to me.

And this is just one of many instances in which we as a nation shamelessly disregard the implications of the most fundamental axiom of human decency: The Golden Rule.

Will our nation ever have enough character to look ourselves in the mirror? How on earth can American euro-crackers justify outrage over "illegal immigrants" from Mexico? If Iran invaded Mexico and went into full scale war with a vaguely defined entity in Canada, would we sit idly by, as we unquestioningly expect them to, under equivalent circumstances? Would we be unmoved if the Russian Navy maintained permanent patrols around South America? Would we not react if ANY country established military bases in the Western Hemisphere?

Yet we righteously perform these very acts all over the world. I'm ashamed of my inability to take effective action against my country's hypocrisy.

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