Thursday, March 10, 2016


 It seems to me that capitalism is unethical and unsustainable by nature. 
Consider, in any given endeavor, goods or services are provided to a consumer. The consumer then provides commensurate compensation for the cost incurred in providing the good or service.  In this model, neither party in the exchange would receive more (or less) than they contributed.  The vendor has not gained beyond actual expenditure, nor has any net loss occurred. The consumer has also experienced no net gain or loss, as the payment (whatever the form) was equivalent to the cost of what was provided. In this case the buyer and seller are equal partners, equally invested in the exchange. But this is not how capitalism functions.

Capitalism puts forth that the vendor must not just break even, but profit from the transaction. When we add profit into our model, the equality and balance are necessarily disrupted. What is occurring is an assertion of power by the vendor over the buyer, forcing the buyer to invest more in the exchange  than the vendor.

 The obvious argument is that the buyer has the option of not engaging in the transaction.   However, that is the case only in advanced stages of capitalism. At capitalism's origin and initial stages, the goods and services provided are fundamental to the society, if not necessities. The advantage of societal living is that tasks can be devided among the members and therefore receive more attention and be performed with greater sophistication than if each every member had to perform every task for themselves.  Note that  this division of labor creates an interdependency amongst the members of the society.  (e.g.  If I spend all day making shoes for  my fellow members, I'm not going to have time to gather food  for myself and family. I must therefore rely on others to  perform that task.  Similarly since they're out getting food, they're not going to have much time to make shoes for themselves, but fortunately, I'm taking care of that for them.)   Also notice that there is no provision for profit yet.  At this early stage shit just has to get done.  There is no abstract system of comparative value placed upon the society's operational tasks.

 When the intermediary element of money is introduced,  the notion of inequality amongst society's members tags along.  This is the case because the usage of an intermediary unit of exchange requires  arbitrary assignment of value to each task on an individual basis.  This in turn gives birth to the hierarchical power structure in the society.

Just as in a feudal system, the way to the top of the ladder and staying there is via monopolies.  "Free" capitalist societies frown on the overt inequality showcased by a successful resource or market monopolization. So multiple legal entities in competition will disguise the fact that the separate entities function together as a monopoly. The rape of the 95% rolls on.

A quick NOTE: the 5-2%'ers can go fuck themselves along with the 1's. A lot more probably deserve black delivered anal, but, whatever.

As the shrewd and the lucky earn beyond their needs, they begin to amass money, which equates with  power and control. Money is the only resource that can trade for anything and the ones able to limit their efforts to providing money to establish businesses, rather than labor to generate income, they quietly gather the Lion's share of the vague profits and have  plenty of time to start another income stream, and another, and another. The people staffing their enterprises don't have the time nor resources (that should be singular, money) to transition from worker to owner.  By inventing a trade medium with no essential value, and selling it to the unsuspecting masses as an unquestionable pillar of civilization, the aristocracy gave their beloved feudal system a facelift. Money quickly evolved into the ultimate weapon to manipulate humanity. So long a you give as little to those below you,  you conveniently maximize you accumulation of power while assuring your employees/slaves will never have the resources to challenge your death grip on ultimate power.

Profit is an invented tool of oppression. Because providing pizza isn't defined as deserving of electricity for your home, you HAVE to buy into and play a rigged game. Hell,  I was making over 100,000 a year at the turn-of-the-century. That's not slavery or oppression. That Boss money for a single guy! Ummm... no. That's throwing a bitch a bone to maintain the appearance that a she's playing a game and starting to win. She also serves as an example to others so they believe in the system. It's real. You're free, and trade is fair, and money is essential to civilization.
If capitalism were as we are sold, it wouldn't be sustainable. You can't extract more out of a system than the sum of its components. There PHYSICALLY isn't anything to extract. Profit is a lie. Profit comes only at he expense of others. If you build a financial system by loaning the participants money at interest, once they've paid back the principal loan, there's no money left in the system! How are they supposed to pay you the interest!?!? It's a Ponzi scheme. Take another loan at 1% and loan it to your "friend" at 2%. And tell home you have a safe he can keep the cash in and you'll even pay him .1% interest - guaranteed! Just for letting me keep it safe for you.  How great is that?!? I'm paying you so I can provide a service for you! Smoke n mirrors. Even the bitches owning their own business an living fat and secure are just being played. The ones that control us and the illusion were at the "I've Won!!!" stage not hundreds of years ago, but millenniums ago. There is no game to win.

As such, we have a binary choice.   We can keep up this fa├žade of playing a game and competing with each other to win, marveling at our masters' effortless victories and envy their wynners' commensurate rewards .  Or we can stop pretending to play a game that doesn't exist, stop laboring to provide amusement, pleasure, and satisfaction for our masters. Instead we can do something real, live real and meaningful lives of expression and comprehension by cooperating and supporting each other. Competition is an inefficient motivator of progress. Open, fearless collaboration for the betterment and benefit of all would have brought 10x the "progress" & wondrous experiences, in half the time. I'm tired of playing dissonant civilization for our masters. I think more people are ready to start living  than even the optimists would believe. I meet you guys out there everyday. How can you accept and support the indoctrination of your children into mediocrity without even trying to open your eyes an life a real life of freedom.?!?!

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