Friday, February 05, 2016

Wacky Alien Ideas For Your Consideration

In case you missed my point previously (  If any crop circles are not man-made hoaxes, the assumption that the alien creators are of similar scale to humans is overlooked. I think microscopic scale life forms, that cannot survive/exist on the Earth's surface (for whatever reason), attempting to communicate their existence and initiate a dialogue with humanity, is an intriguing hypothesis.  I postulate further that they are capable of interstellar travel; traveling outside normal space/time, entering/exiting normal space from the center of gravity wells (planets, stars, and the like).
Maybe not...
Still, I think alien life is likely to be on a scale much larger or smaller than our own. It also wouldn't surprise me if they are found to be perceptible only in wavelengths outside those of visible light.

Whatever alien life exists, the less they have in common with us, the better.  That is because for us and beings like us, travel beyond our home solar systems is all but impossible. ...And I want some alien intervention on Earth and that requires some bizarre aliens making a house call. Given the immensity of the universe, Greys & Reptilians in flying saucers probably do exist, but they are as stuck in their home solar systems as we are. They ain't comin. Get over it.

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