Monday, November 25, 2013

I find me amusing. Judgements are welcome, pro and con...

These are comments concerning a YouTube video called "Where did Cain's wife come from?" or something along those lines...

I sit here happily reading the discussions and arguments, considering their opposing strengths, but every three minutes or so, my brain kicks in and says, "Hey Dummy!  Of course there's no right answer because it's superstitious nonsense.  It's the Bible!  We've learned a lot in the last 2000+ years.  Not the least of which is that it didn't go down like it says in the Bible.

Close your obsolete Bible and go live your one life that you are actually responsible for, in the world you really do live in.  Life is quite short and very much finite.  You're wasting time on this religion nonsense when you could be working to better humanity.  Praying?  You mean doing nothing.  You should do nothing but chuckle at our humble intellectual beginnings as evidenced by the stories of the Bible.    ...Duh?!?!?!

It's mind blowing that this is even a discussion...
Never mind, fvck humanity.  Clearly we are far too retarded to survive much longer.  Maybe it's better just to read the Bible, because realizing the truth and the vast number of religious idiots running around can be a real bummer.

You seem very angry that someone might believe in something that you do not understand and are ignorant about, or perhaps I am wrong, you have studied a bible weighed up all the evidence that brings you to your personal beliefs, in which case I would apologise for my earlier assumption. Why do you find such offence in it I wonder, I find it very odd that you would care so much about how people unknown to you chose to live their lives. It's sad that you are filled with so much hatred and discrimination; it can't feel good, not very humanitarian. Would you therefore prefer a world filled with people like yourself?

I read the Bible cover to cover twice in my youth and spent considerable time in the years up to the present studying various chapters/verses as they piqued my interest for whatever reason. I disagree with your perception of my feeling hatred.  I can say that through natural & acquired family relations as well as through education that Christians are far from "unknown" to me.  I don't care to relay my personal losses at the hands of Christianity in this forum.  Let it suffice to say they exist in significant magnitude.  On a larger scale, the atrocities committed in the name of religion are well documented throughout history.  That is a glimpse of why I care so much and don't have many positive things to say on the topic.  As for the discrimination accusation...  I think I may be guilty.  It comes not from a place of hatred, but one of disappointment.  Most often, I really believe in humanity and our potential to bring about positive ends.  But after day after day after day, observing the growth stunting, strangle hold religion has on humanity, one occasionally feels a bit despondent and irritated.  Lastly, yes, i would prefer a world filled with people like myself.  At least then we would have the courage to leave all this supernatural voodoo nonsense behind; as well as be able to understand that interpersonal decency, positive intent, and compassion are our natural tendencies (vs. sin) and that these concepts are not only biological tendencies, but logical conclusions for guiding behavior, if one is to fully assert their reasoning abilities. But y'all religious folk are hell bent on ensuring our path of ignorance and fear, so sometimes I just gotta say, "fvck you".

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