Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How To Say, "Hi." In Martian - One Hypothesis.

The inhabitants of Earth are quite diverse.  Consider an amoeba, a sea anemone, a tree, a whale, a human - each is a distinct life form on Earth.  I think we fall under the general heading of Carbon Based Life (whatever that means?)

I wonder if Carbonians committed some crime against the Universe. I say this because it sort of seems like we got grounded and sent to our room (Earth).  Whatever the reason, all of us Carbonians have been stuck here together for a pretty long time and inter-species communication is extremely rare (given the number of species).  Furthermore, the inter-species communication that does exist is for the most part retarded.  If we take communication one step further, to inter-life form dialogues, an unwavering failure to communicate is revealed. It's no wonder that given sufficient analysis, the grand challenges of humanity are rooted in communication short comings.

The point is:  We suck at communicating.

If there is an inter-stellar life form out there, the chances of us being able to communicate with it are probably in the area of zero.  I do have a hint for humanity in regards to communication:  communication requires a common language.  The chance of communicating with an amoeba or a tree by yelling at it is pretty slim. Yet, that is essentially the level of our communication sophistication.

So how do we improve?  First of all, we must consider what the root of this common language is.  As far as I can tell, the only representation of reality that doesn't rely on arbitrary symbols would be Geometry.  It is only in Geometry that symbols can be inherently  meaningful and conceptually reliable.

Now the geniuses among you are thinking, "Eric, you're an idiot.  Close Encounters of the Third Kind already showed us that the first communication is via sound/musical notes.  Duh..."  To that I have one response:  The little alien dudes didn't even have ears, so fuck Close Encounters.

As I've discussed previously, it is also pretty presumptuous to assume alien life would occur on our scale.  Given the relative size of stars in the Universe, I think it's likely that any aliens we meet are going to be significantly bigger than us in terms of scale.  Maybe their ship will land and obliterate China.  Then one will step out of the ship and its feet will smush North and South Korea. (Yes, I'm assuming it's also a biped - because it's MY alien).  Anyway, to avoid such a devastating error, we would want to communicate with the alien on it's approach so it would realize that it should give some extra consideration before plopping down on that blue and white sphere.

I'm suggesting that such a communication should be rooted in Geometry.  Another characteristic of Geometry that makes it effective to alert an alien life form of our existence is that basic Geometry is unnatural.  Clear, simple, shapes don't (as far as I can tell?) seem to occur in the unmanipulated Universe;  either something is a sphere (1-sided) or it's terrifically complex (e.g. a nebula).  Not a whole lotta triangles and squares floating around.

So somehow we need to project a big Geometrical message to the incoming aliens of much greater scale than us...  it's our best hope to save China and N. & S. Korea...  If we could somehow draw giant pictures with clouds?  Things like:


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