Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Is It President Barack Obama's Fault? Yes...

 The simple fact that I'm spending the time to write this is awesome.  For the duration of the previous administration, the question, "What has that asshole fucked up today?" loomed continuously.  On one evening, I actually went to the ATM and withdrew my entire fortune of $140 in anticipation of a possible run on the banks!  It sounds silly now, but it was no joke at the time - how easily we forget.  A guy threw not one, but BOTH of his shoes at him!  At the President of the United States!!!  Take a moment to consider the level of incompetence that must be displayed to invoke such a magnificent act of disrespect.  This is arguably the most powerful human being on the planet!!!  The brilliance of the event was beautiful.  Picture the immense pyramid that is the hierarchy of humanity.  Out from the bottom level of the pyramid flies a shoe. Up, up,  up into the air and smacks the block sitting atop the very peak of the structure.  Wow.  I see it in the animation style of Monty Python title credits.  But I digress...

The point is, the USA was in an unprecedented economic and political tailspin when the controls were handed over to Obama.  Like Hercules, Barack set his feet and pulled back on the controls, averting our imminent collision with the Earth.  You and I should be on our rooftops right now with rifles, defending our homes from the roaming hoards.  But we're not.  We're sitting all comfy at our computers and we have Barack Obama to thank.

I'm not saying he did it all alone or that the shit may not still hit the fan on his watch.  But if we had crashed into the ground, he would have taken the blame.  As such, he should be given credit for our improved situation (temporary as it may be).

It's unfortunate that the finest President in my lifetime, was handed a country on the brink of collapse.  Obama isn't perfect and has broken countless campaign promises, but given the context, he has outperformed all reasonable expectations.  Thank you Barack.

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