Friday, October 18, 2013

The TRUTH is: We don't need money. We don't need fair trade.

If we're all in it together, then trade and profit become obsolete.  All the reform in the world isn't going to make life better for our children.  People need to realize that "profit" means someone is getting screwed.  Humans are good by nature.   If you have kids, you've seen this for yourself.  It's the concepts and conflicting assumptions and fear that is built into the sociopolitical structure of the global society that corrupts and twists people over time.  If we're all on the same team, then it's simply a unified effort to evenly distribute resources across the board.  Greed is learned.  Quite frankly, most people aren't greedy.  We don't need reform, nor revolution.  We need evolution.  I was disappointed the government pulled out of the debt ceiling tailspin.  We need catastrophic economic collapse.  That's the only way we can change the assumptions that currently deny us the lives which 99% of humanity wants to live.  Mind you that those are not lives of excess and luxury.  Simple peace, cooperation, and security of food & shelter is really all the world wants.  From there on, we can tell jokes, have sex, and put in time for the common good and we're pretty much livin' the good life, yeah?  Money and Trade are not fundamental to humanity.  There is a better way.

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