Saturday, October 19, 2013

Here's some reality to alter your perspective...

So this Russian drug, krokodil, has been in the news lately.  Basically it's a cheap, homemade alternative to heroin but it has the unfortunate side effect of eating away at your body in the most gruesome fashion.  Because you can basically make it anywhere, it's not really a "Russian drug" in the sense you might say cocaine is a Colombian or South American drug.  I ran across this video which brought up so many emotions and thoughts that I am having trouble really addressing them here as I intended.  So, check it out for yourself:

krokodil tears

One thing it makes clear is how the church preys on addicts.  But in the case of the subjects of this video, at least it's an alternative and a helping hand; sadly, it's the only alternative and the only helping hand.

I'm no stranger to the world of drugs and addiction.  I was able to draw the line at drugs that lead to physical addiction (basically opiates, derivatives, & synthetics).  After a moment, I realized why I was able to draw that line and so few others.  I didn't really have an easy opportunity to experiment with those drugs until I was already a very experienced drug user.  At which point, I knew myself well enough and knew enough about the drugs in question to know beyond doubt that to even try them would destroy my life - I would enjoy them THAT much.  Not to mention I've struggled enough with psychological addiction; add a physical addiction to that?  I would be NO MATCH.  See you at the morgue my friend...

If I had run into heroin in a user friendly way in my teens or early twenties, I wouldn't be alive today.  If I didn't overdose (which I most certainly would have), I would have killed myself out of sheer self-disappointment.

One thing that made me wonder, was that one kid when talking about making krokodil, said that the flesh eating effects only came about when users missed the vein.  Was he misinformed or have we been conveniently not informed of that?  Please answer - and don't mouth off on hearsay or assumption.  I don't need anymore pseudo-information in my life.

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