Monday, October 14, 2013

Let's Get Honest and Straighten Out a Few Things About an Important Name....

Check out this list:

John, Will, Rich, Gerry, Jimmy, Ron, George, Bill...   ...   ...Barack.

Hmmm...  ?

Granted, there have been a few doozies in the past, e.g. Lyndon, Woodrow, Grover, Ulysses (one of my favorites), Millard.

On the other hand, I've heard of THOSE names before...   But Barack?  Isn't that on the west border of Iran?  Oh, wasn't he a Chieftain of some tribe in Angola?

Barack?  Really?  Oh yeah!  Did I mention he's BLACK?  Yep.  In fact the first black person elected President of the United States.  Keep in mind, the white, privileged class OWNED the black people as slaves!!!   No Shit!  And now, just 150 years later, a nigger's RUNNIN' THE SHIT!!!  You'd think a it woulda been a Sean Jackson or something.

Alright, so that's point number one - How is the FIRST black president end up with a name like Barack Obama?

It must have been a million times that I've heard people trippin' on Barack's last name.  They'll say something like, "Obama? How? Who elects a president whos name is almost the same as our #1 terrorist enemy?"
Ok, guess it's a little uncanny.  But that's the only comment of that type I see?
WTF?  Isn't it a little stranger that he has the SAME name as the the dictator of the country we just went to war with?  They don't sound alike...  they are the same.  But I don't hear shit about it, even just as a joke.  We're idiots.

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