Saturday, October 12, 2013

(Presidential Power) The TRUTH is so OBVIOUS yet I've NEVER heard this DISCUSSED (so I'm reposting it, MOFOs!!!)

We don't elect a President, dummy!

We elect a figurehead and a Vice-President.

The Vice-President runs the country.

Want to know who's gonna win a Presidential Election?

A charismatic figurehead, and a white haired, capitol hill experienced, dispenser of evil.

Who's running our country now?
The young black guy? Really?  RREEEally?
No, Joe Biden runs our great nation.
Look at the recent list.  In fact, the one exception just hammers home my point:

     FIGUREHEAD                                 DISPENSER of EVIL

     Barak Obama___________________Joe Biden
     George Bush ___________________Dick Chaney
     Bill Clinton ____________________Al Gore
     George Bush Sr._________________Dan Quayle
     Ronald Regan___________________George Bush Sr.

Notice, when Satan actually became President (Bush Sr.), look what happened in the VP spot? Imagine the Regan duo, traveling in a Prius, Ron driving, George in the passenger seat, leaned back, dolling out orders, pointin' at stuff, and runnin' shit.  Then in the classic, deep, rough, demonic voice you hear, "Pull over Ronnie, I want to drive."  Bush Sr. grins as he slides in behind the wheel.  He hollers out, "Get me someone so I can use the HOV lane!"  Dan Quayle hops in the car, "HI!"
George mutters under his breath, "Oh God..." as he slowly pulls away from the curb.

OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA.  THE V.P. RUNS THE SHOW.  Of course, who is the most dismissed elected federal official?  The one pulling all the strings.
Here's one for you...  George Jr. was just George Sr. proving to someone that he left office on HIS terms and that if he wanted a second term he absolutely would have.  Here, he said, watch this...

George Bush!  Back in Office!!!
9/11 was just a tactic to shore up Jr.'s ill-begotten presidency. 
Doesn't hurt to at least consider it...

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