Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hashtags. Really? Fine; #am I using these #correctly?

Will I #make a million dollars in #advertising now?  Boy #did I luck out, finding out about #this!!!

Anyway, I was learning about hashtags when I came across the following:

Look closely at the circled part of the graph.  Notice, prior to 1900 there was no mention of the word "hashtag".  But then, just after 1900, "hashtag" appears as a word- something to the tune of once per year maybe?  It continues on existing as a word for quite some time.  Eventually, perhaps around 1975ish? *POOF* it's gone again until the turn of the century.

HUH? How does that make sense?  In any way at all??
Well, the first and obvious answer is that the line of the graph simply wasn't made perfectly horizontal, like the graphic was posted crooked.  That answer is tossed aside because the anomaly isn't a simple slope, it goes up and then back down.  I think it's fair to assume the creators of the graph were competent enough to draw a straight line.  So, with the assumption that it's intentional, I ask you, "WTF?"

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