Tuesday, September 10, 2013

With 9/11 Approaching, I'm Reposting A Fresh Perspective On Terrorism

Terrorism, or in this case, suicide bombers and the like...  So often one hears, "Those people are insane extremists." "Only a crazy person would blow themselves (and countless others) up in the name of God."
Have you given this any thought whatsoever? or are you just repeating what you've been covertly fed by the US Government's propaganda media-machine?
I suspect the latter...
Let's take a realistic look at this admittedly horrifying reality:

First,  your culture (religions included) has been evolving for 1000's of years and is well established in your home part of the world (eg. Middle East)  Now, a country/culture is shamelessly attempting to infiltrate and control your own.  Not only culturally, but they have established countless military bases all over your holy lands.  Overt as their efforts are, they refuse to declare any formal aggressive intent, sort of a passive-aggressive assault.  Having put up with this threat for decades, you've finally had enough.  Rather than take an underhanded stance like your attacker, you formally declare Jihad against this nation/culture (USA/American) and off you go to the al Queda training camps or whatever...

The first point is that you are vastly out numbered.  Tens of Millions vs. mere Thousands.  This is a critical point as you will soon see.  Second, you are out gunned.  The technology and fire power you are up against is awe inspiring compared to your own.  Third, however, your opponent is short sighted and does not view this conflict as sustainable over life times and generations - as you do.  With these points in mind, your strategy is developed.

A flat out military conflict is out of the question. Iraq was a tough guy in the region and look what happened to them.  A traditional guerrilla military war is also a quick route to defeat.  Given the numbers situation, for every one of us, we need to eliminate 10's or 100's of them.  Technology means any really large bomb (city destroyer) is going to be HUGE or nuclear and we don't need them unleashing the nuclear hounds on us.  Let the truth be told, one push of the Red Button and our enemy could vaporize the entire region.  So, we are limited to smaller arms and bombs.  As such, there's no point in being in a hurry since all we have are these smallish weapons.  Lastly, we must avoid provoking a full on military, civilians be damned, attack - We might as well ask Allah to wipe us off the map with his giant God rag were that to happen.  So massive offensives are a bad idea.

If you take all those points into consideration, the ONLY means to victory is Suicide Bombers.  At a bare minimum you are achieving the necessary loss/kill ratio.  Think about it...  The terrorist/suicide approach is their only REALISTIC option.  Take the 9/11 attack as an example.  A horrific event to be sure, but a massive success from the terrorist standpoint.  19 terrorists executed the attack.  Total casualties were just about 3,000.  That's 157 to 1; the kind of kill ratio needed for a terrorist victory.   Don't be so quick to dismiss your chosen enemy as crazy extremists.  Pragmatic intellectuals may be closer to the truth.

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