Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today, I declare a disappointing defeat. Indeed, I have lost a long and hard fought battle...

You win:   Nigger and Nigga are BOTH actual words.  Fuck. 
For years my Blogger profile has included:

"I don't know who taught you to spell, but for future reference, the 'N' word (that means "nigger") is spelled with an '-er', not an '-a'."
(gotta take it down right after I post this...)

I've long argued that the creation of Nigga only serves to undo years of disempowerment of the word Nigger and when compounded upon the "N-word" phenomenon, it's like we're back to square one.  Nigger is as powerful as ever.  And truth of that fact is more retarded than ever.

If only some unknown jerk hadn't choked under the pressure, being grilled about saying "Nigger", and so made up "Nigga", right there on the spot, to bail his dumb ass out of what he thought was a bad situation.  If only...  Imagine you're a pasty white guy and you just called some black guy a "nigger", had "Nigga" not been invented, by now he might just laugh at you and mutter "retard..." as he continued on his day without a second thought.  As opposed to beating you into pulp...   Then you quietly follow him, get his license plate, goto the cops, file charges, he gets arrested, convicted, and his kids have to grow up with their Dad in jail - nice.  All because you're a cop calling fag and some idiot made up "Nigga".

But what's done is done.  You win.  I lose.
Y'all wanted it.  Now you got it. 
Peace, My Niggas!
(No, I'm not so retarded as to ever even use Nigga.  Just making a point. You racist fucker.)

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