Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So that's how they're gonna bring on the single "World Currency"...

They're gonna collapse the US Dollar and put us under incredible pressure with runaway inflation.  So many currencies are pegged to the US Dollar, that the inflation chaos will be worldwide.

With a loaf of bread costing $100, the entire population will be screaming for the Banks and Governments of the world to do something...  anything...  to fix the problem.  There will be only one POSSIBLE - it may not even work - one possible Solution - switch to a central, World Bank and a single, World Currency.  By removing relative value between currencies, runaway inflation will halt and true value will return to currency.  All nations will need to be represented in the Bank - perhaps they'll link it to the UN?  Regardless of how they do it, this economic arrangement will ultimately necessitate a single, World Government.  With the representatives electing a "Prime Minister" or whatever, akin to a World President.  In steps Barak Hussein Obama?  I couldn't have thought of a better name for a world candidate...  I think it would have been better as O'Bama.  But whatever...

It is when they collapse the US Dollar that we must make a significant move.

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