Thursday, August 08, 2013

In Case You Missed My Coverage Of CNN Lying...

in this past post (CHECK THIS OUT FIRST!): These Anti-US Demonstrations Are FAKE

Here's more phony photo evidence of CNN's fake propaganda and fear mongering:

This is from the same period of "protests" supposedly due to a retarded YouTube video.

In addition to the scattered artificial vertical-cut lines, look closely at the green banners lining the street.  They all have the same shadowing on the green sections at the top and bottom (due to wind or what-have-you.)  THEY'RE ALL THE SAME BANNER!!!! COPIED OVER AND OVER AGAIN, SHRINKING IN SIZE TO CREATE DEPTH!!!   ON CNN!!! ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!?! AND THIS SHIT IS GOING ON WITHOUT A WORD OF CONTEST FROM ANYONE!!!  We suck and deserve whatever bullshit news we are allowed to gorge on.  Go shoot yourself - at least that'll make for one less, useless slave to feed...
Oh yeah, and the tree on Lebanon's flag has branches that clearly sag downward, not stick straight out, not even close... 

...alright, the tree branches is stretching a bit, but still, the banners are all the same banner...  That on top of the initial photo (which I've further deconstructed) and the "angry Lebanese lawyers" or whatever...  I used to really distrust the videos about CNN false propaganda, figuring THEY were edited or 'photoshopped'.  But now that I've found my own evidence...  and NO ONE gives a shit...  the Venezuela false coup, the endless misquoting and out of context quoting of Ahmadinejad in Iran, Iraq, our obvious terrorizing of the middle east, the whole VP thing...   Man, something is stinkin up this place REALLY BAD.

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