Thursday, August 08, 2013

People screw around before starting work... and about Fluoride...

LOL!! I was just looking at my blog views statistics and noticed something very amusing.  Throughout the day, I have two consistent spikes in post views.  Any guess at what times they are?  8 a.m. - when everyone arrives at work and at 1 p.m. - when everyone gets back from lunch!!!!  lol

"Well, here I am.  Back in this office again, staring at this amazing piece of technology.  I guess I ought to fuck off for a bit..."

What?  Fluoride?  Sure, I'll talk about fluoride...

Some good news first - My teeth are a steel fortress.  Every dentist I've ever seen has said, "So you grew up in a town with fluoride in the water, yeah?"  Yep, I sure did.

The bad news - the fluoride stunted my intellectual and physical maturation.

The rest of the good news - Once my fluoride intake dropped off, my development resumed and my intellect  blossomed.  My physical development resumed as well, but only after much greater time living with fluoride-free water.  Which isn't entirely positive - I previously appeared 10-15 years younger than my age.  I have now mostly caught up and look every bit of 43. Bummer.

So it was my experience that fluoride in tap water didn't exactly do damage, it just caused some reversible delays in development - and eliminated cavities (there may also be some genetics helping with that of course.)

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