Saturday, July 06, 2013

Why Do I Exist? Without God, Do I Have Meaning? THE GRAND ANSWER... turn on your brain and dig in...

    Gravity is the fundamental force of the universe.
    Gravity is as I understand so far, a natural attraction between matter.
    So, at the root of existence we/matter are unifying to a final singularity.
    I'm currently speaking in terms of a/the 3 dimensional reality.
    We generally think of that reality as consisting of EVERYTHING (i.e. the universe.)
    However we can step back and turn the universe/everything into an object.
    At first that seems like a contradiction: "Even having 'stepped back' you are still part of 'everything' thus, everything expands and you still haven't turned the universe into an object.
    The way the objectification of everything can occur is by observing in terms of dimension.
    Now you have multiple universes/everythings, depending on the number of dimensions the universe in question exists in.
    We're now in the abstracted observational position of viewing the various dimensional realities.  I'm not quite sure what that is, but we are there nonetheless.
    This is why I started with Gravity.  Being the one true force of our 3D reality,  if we assume the notion of likeness across scale then the next level of existence would be moving across dimensions, downward to 1 or 0 (no relevant difference.)
    The level of existence above that would be dimensions themselves collapsing down into a singularity.  But that's abstracting in the wrong direction.
    My point is that we are traveling across the dimensions, downward to unity.
    As 4 dimensional beings, we created a 3 dimensional reality based on some type of rules (matter and gravity I guess?) and Here We Are.
    My next point is that our 'job', our purpose for existence is to create a 2 dimensional universe and genuinely transport ourselves (or some portion thereof) into it.  Once we become actual denizens of the 2D universe (I think by reproducing within the confines of the 2D universe), we have to figure all this out again from the 2D perspective and create a 1D universe...   etc.
    I've glossed over a pretty big issue:  What is and How do we create a 2D universe?  Being that it is our purpose for existence, we do it naturally, without trying... I'll show you...
    LIGHT is akin to matter in the 2D universe.  Hence our prejudice in the favor of vision amongst our 5 senses.  Probably a good idea to focus on where you're going, right?  Light is described as being simultaneously a particle and a wave (i.e. two dimensions.)
    The compounding curve of progress hit a turning point with film based moving pictures.  We created a means of manipulating light into a form that could meaningfully represent ourselves and our dynamic nature as we exist across time.  It was from there in rapid succession came television, color, maybe sound works in?  Then came the real time interaction with a complex light emitter: computers.  Computers have introduced the fundamental component of interfacing us/humans with complex light emitters.
    You might now see this is heading straight towards virtual reality.  Online gaming is more than meets the eye (if you will.)  These simulations are majestically CRUDE and limited approximations of the 2D universe we are to ultimately create.
    Imagine taking the body suit VR controller concept to the ultimate extreme of total sensory reflectivity combined with an equally extreme detailed environment.  The difference between virtual and real begins to break down.  Except that the virtual world is ultimately confined by the properties of light and 3D reality is ultimately confined by the properties of ?  Its much easier looking downward than upward when talking dimensions.
    That's the nuts and bolts of it.  We are stepping towards unity by inevitably creating a 2D universe in the likeness of our own.  We are here to create the next level of man in our own likeness as we were created in the likeness of god - our 4D selves. We created ourselves.  We Are God.

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