Sunday, July 07, 2013

HOLY SMOKES! I talk a lot of Sh_t, but I'm just tryin to make people Laugh and Think a little.

But I'm seeing story after story about people getting REEMED for off-hand comments made on the internet.  Sure, I'll talk all kinds of nonsense about Jews and niggers and beaners, but that's because I'm not anti-semitic, racist, or prejudiced in such a manner.  I was lucky enough to be raised right in between a predominantly Jewish area and a predominantly Hispanic area with ample close friends of Black and Korean heritages.  Strangely I didn't have very many Hispanic friends - usually just business.  And well the Jews... fuck the Jews.
See? That's fuckin' funny!  After the relentless hate and genocide throughout history, those fuckers still have all the money!

The way I see it is this:  Jews have a special honesty I appreciate, Black people have an unmatched humor, Hispanics son fuerte, and Koreans are just better people than the rest of us.  ...oh yeah, the Gentiles...  we're just unoffensive.

Jesus people, just let that poor 19 year old Carter kid out of jail.  Basically he was arrested for being sarcastic.  Could you be a little more over cautious?

And get over the people shootin' up schools.  If society is fucked up to the point that it's producing these people we have bigger problems; not to mention, you're not going to be able to stop them.  OBVIOUSLY! Morons...

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