Thursday, June 27, 2013

Paula Deen, Southern Crackers n Niggers: Wise up people, you're being tricked.

Everybody (totally inaccurate generalization) in the South is fucked up.  I spent 2003 in Atlanta, GA.  For the progressive pats on the head I had heard about the city, all I could say was, "What a bunch of backward-ass fucks."  I remember looking up a street just outside of downtown Atlanta.  There were two large, packed, restaurant/patio/bar/clubs directly across from each other near the top of the hill.  The one on the left - 100% white.  The one on the right - 99% black.    There were 2 white people in the black bar: Myself and, in sad but nonetheless beautiful display of irony, the girl at the door taking everyone's money.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't hanging out there.  I was with a black, drug dealer, (is that redundant?  Aaaaaawwweeee!  Fuck you! That wasn't being racist!  If I had thought it and NOT said it - THAT would be racist! - YOU'RE the fuckin RACIST PIG anyways!  I was just joking about all my friends being drug dealers!)  ...friend of mine.  He was stopping in to drop off product for the evening.  Having grown up in Los Angeles, surrounded by a bunch of fucking Jews, I'm not very sensitive to racism even when I'm drowning in it.  It took me 15 minutes to realize that every person I walked by would look at me as if I had a tail or something.  My point being, Backward-Ass, Southern Fucks are exactly that.  It has nothing to do with being white or black or green, or what have you.

BUT you can breathe easy America!  Southern Racism, be it black or white, is about to disappear under the flag of UNITY!  I swear to god.  It won't be long... blacks and whites, together in peace and respect, 'cause sooner or later they'll all realize it's all those goddamn Koreans spreading like a plague, devouring the South!  THAT'S who we need to be HATING!  THOSE worthless fucks.  With all their "work ethic" and "honesty" and "manners".  FUCK THEM!  Shit, they're not even human...

The reason racism is such a persistant scourge, sometimes appearing invincible, is because racism isn't a problem.  There ARE races.  They ARE quantitatively different.  Now prejudice is a different story.  People struggling with prejudice need to step aside and let better people come into prominence.  Racism though? Just a carrot being dangled in front of our noses to keep us occupied.  Even prejudice isn't a product of racism.  The problem is CULTURALISM (and fear of the unknown).  We're such a bunch of niggers;  running in circles without heads, trying to erradicate an accurate description of reality - there are definable races.

What people fear is mysterious culture and baffling behavior.  ...and righteous retribution for being a thoughtless asshole.  Go learn about other cultures and stop worrying about mentioning that blacks are generally faster, stronger, and more agile than whites;  'cause they are.  Go learn about pimpin' and what it means beyond driving around outcall strippers and fuzzy coats-n-hats.

...and kick a damn Korean...

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