Sunday, June 02, 2013

Las Vegas Cab Drivers are F A G S!

Now, that's not to say they have man sex or what have you.  I mean, maybe they do?  I don't really know them that way.  I bet they'd be better drivers if they did.  Maybe they'd be a little more wary of stopping short in front of a total stranger.  A stranger who may be having a tough day and decide to just plow his car right up their cab driving ass.

Fuck!  Cab drivers are supposed to OWN the roads.  The cabbie stereotype was made by the yellow cabs of New York:  aggressive, angry, yelling, pedal to the floor for 20 ft, immigrants.  People don't fuck with cabbies in New York.  I got stuck too close behind a cab making a right turn into a hotel today for five minutes, as people walked back and forth, crossing the entrance...  WITH OTHER CARS PULLING AROUND US, ON OUR LEFT, PUSHING THROUGH THE PEDESTRIANS AND ON INTO THE CASINO!  I gave my windshield a tongue lashing like it's never heard before.  For some reason I don't like to use my horn except to avoid a collision - it seems too rude?  But my point is, They're Fags!

I've done a ton of driving in Vegas over the last 16 years, my livelihood has depended on it for 15.  If there's one thing I've noticed, it's that...  Californians have forgotten how to drive!!!  In the 70's they knew how?  I remember the debate over whether 3 cars turning left on the yellow should be the norm instead of just 2.  Half the time, nowadays, you're lucky if the pussy in front of you even inches into the crosswalk.  But I digress...  Vegas cabbies need to grow some fucking balls and realize the gas pedal gets you where you're going a lot faster than the brake.  Ugh...

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