Monday, May 13, 2013

Incredible! I actually remembered what it was that I couldn't remember for yesterday's post!!! SPIN!!!

When I say spin, I DON'T mean news spin or political spin.  I mean spin like a top.  It has occurred to me that what ever IT is, it has something to do with spinning.  The motion of spinning is so fundamental and pervasive in the universe at every level that it's got to have some uncommon significance. The key to something.

Galaxies are spinning.  Solar systems are spinning.  Stars are spinning.  Planets are spinning.  Weather systems are spinning (hurricanes, tornadoes, obviously, but really all weather systems spin), Water drains spin, like toilets and sinks, etc.  Wheels spin.  Generators spin to create electricity.  All engines spin.  The earliest toys - tops and yo-yos both spin.

When we spin, we get dizzy!

Molecules and atoms spin.

So what's the deal?

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