Friday, May 10, 2013

About God and something else I can't remember right now?

You know that demonstration of the unreliability language where a phrase is whispered person to person throughout the class.  Once the phrase reaches the last person, you compare it to the original phrase and it's all f'ed up?  Well, that's sort of what happened with God.  Have you ever wondered about God's real name? YHWH?  Kind of "consonanty" eh? Well there's a reason.  YHWH is breathing.  YH represents the inhale and WH, the exhale.  Say them as you breathe.  Say them correctly, don't go stickin in vowels that aren't there.  See, God is life.  The breath of life.  "And He breathed life into it..."  The primary function that ceases when one dies is they stop breathing.  Conversely, you prevent someone from breathing and they die.  God is life.  Breath.  YHWH.

Then some religious jerks came along and fucked the whole concept up.  On purpose; saying someone (life) is God isn't a very effective means of controlling them.  A scary, judgmental, & nosey man in the sky is much better.

Now, what was that other thing....  ? I can't remember right now.  Well...     I made up a knock knock joke today...

"Knock, knock..."
                                "Who's there?"
                                "Jesus who?"


This next one I didn't make up:

If a man says something in a forest and no woman is there to hear it, is he still wrong?

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