Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Always gotta f__k with the niggers and beaners.

Dealing with Law Enforcement and the Legal System SUCKS ENOUGH as a middle class white guy.  My heart goes out to all the black and mexican (S. Am...) guys out there.  You're getting fucked.  I am whitey and I apologize.

Out of all the possible combinations and whatnot, have you ever noticed that it turned out to be Pres. Lincoln on the only 'colored/dark' coin we have?   And OF COURSE of all the coins we have ever had, it is worth THE LEAST.  Man, will they ever stop hasslin' niggers?  It's just so fucked up.  I NEVER see a cop car pointing the wrong way, crooked, half on the sidewalk, lights goin, with A WHITE GUY with his hands behind his back standing between the headlights.  I see black guys in that predicament all the time.  I got pulled over once because the NHP guy thought I was mexican.  Boy was he surprised when he walked up and looked in the window! lol  I was drivin a newly painted, grey Taurus station wagon, lowered, with black rims, blacked out windows and a license plate that said "PAPUH".  He was so confused that he actually said, "You know, it's raining out here?"  ...and it wasn't.  Then he wrote me a ticket for windows that were too dark! lol

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