Thursday, May 23, 2013

A message to the Religious and Spiritual (a comment I left someone on a CNN article)

Whatever your religious belief - wake up - We've out grown supernatural-based control systems, or at least we should have. There is no God. Yes there is organization in the universe, but that's a matter of gravity and time on a scale we can't even conceptualize. Of course there's more to existence than what we know. But the omnipotent being(s) thing is plain retarded at this point. A Trinity? Son of God? Really? To coin a term, Jesus Christ! Are you kidding me? Original Sin? Have you seen a baby lately? How they sell this stuff is beyond me. Back to deconstruction... The concept of an afterlife is nothing but a crutch to make us feel better when people we like die, and to make dying not so scary. Grow up. You have one shot at life. Take responsibility for yourself and be the best you can. Stop accepting mediocrity in the now because that Heaven you dream of after your death isn't coming. Your only shot at Heaven is right here, right now. Do something new. Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Hippy-ism, etc, etc... all been done. Do something NEW. Because money sucks (unless you have more than your fair share :-)

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