Sunday, April 14, 2013

It took us Homo Sapiens 150,000 years to get our sh|t together? Yeah, right...

I was just doing some casual Google research and discovered this clump of info:

1.  The earliest evidence of human civilization dates back to about 6000BC, or roughly 8,000 years ago.  To keep numbers round, let's say humans have been making buildings for about 10k years.

2.  The earliest evidence of human beings existing in our current anatomical form dates back about 200,000 years,

3. It is said that we have been behaviorly stable for about 50,000 years.

Some quick math reveals that it took humans 150,000 years to get our shit together, though we had essentially the same biological resources we have now.  AND in spite of that HUGE amount of time bumbling around, trying to comprehend why fires happen when it's ALREADY HOT, and never happen when it's fuckin' freeeeezing.  Hey! maybe that's where we got the whole "god hates us" idea?  Sorry, tangent...   even if we buy the 150k year thing, this is as far as we've come in an ADDITIONAL 50,000 years? My ass.  I don't know what the truth is, but this is not it.

Am I missing something or has humanity existed as is, for the period of 8,000 BC to the present, 2,000 AD --  a total of FIVE TIMES OVER?  In my experience, that implies that we've been WAY more advanced than we are now, AT LEAST ONCE, and either ROYALLY FUCKED IT UP, or found some way of leaving en masse. That's my two cents...

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