Thursday, May 23, 2013


(This is a continuation of my post on February 3rd, 2005, entitled, "Back to U.S. History")

 When we left our heroes, they were struggling with the problem of massive numbers of big, strong, rightfully resentful, and angry slaves about to overpower their soft "Masters" regardless of the Masters' monopoly on firearm possession.  To make matters worse, the obvious solution of capping the slaves' population number was ruled out due the ever increasing need for MORE slaves as our heroes maintained the economic growth necessary to maintain their lifestyles, increase their national and international power, and continue their assent to world domination - i.e. finally they'll be safe and secure.

So WTF?  Right?  Our heroes are damned if they do (grow slave population) and damned if they don't (maintain economic growth).  What to do, what to do?  ...   Let's consult with our European roots and history and see what lessons we can learn to help us overcome this mighty obstacle.  Ah hah!  A class based society is a start.  That way you can have slaves but don't have to call them slaves.  Then some unsung hero suggested combining that with paper money and we'll have in effect merely changed the language of slavery and enslaved all the poor (and middle class) white people while announcing a triumphant end to slavery.  What a brilliant concept!  Free Slaves!  All we have to do is print up money for them to play with so they can pretend they have gold.  We'll let them have jet skis and shiny rims and we'll have jets, skis, and shiny satellites.

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