Friday, June 22, 2012

How quick we forget... You Nimrods!!! @Obama & the coming elections...

Four years.  Yep, it's been four years since we've had any major political disasters.  In case you've forgotten, for the first eight years of the millennium we awoke every morning with the age old question, "What is that asshole gonna fuck-up today?"  That a-hole being President Bush.  Since Mr. Obama has taken office, not once have I worried about our nation's affairs being grossly mishandled; and you know what?  They haven't been.  Not once.  With Bush, EVERYDAY I was prepared to hear of some major fumble on the part of the President.  With Obama, NOT ONCE.  Now, because the President has only performed a miracle by maintaining our doomed economy and hasn't provided every American a $10,000 bonus for yanking their dick (or rubbing one out, whatever...) I hear people all over the place screaming for a new President come election time.  YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS.  Obama has been virtually flawless and hands down the best President in my lifetime, but because he inherited a country in a spinning nose-dive, people are unable to recognize his incredible performance.  Fuck you assholes.

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