Sunday, May 13, 2012

Don't worry. Everything's gonna be alright.

Many a peace seeker has stumbled on the notion that in order for Good to exist, there MUST be Evil in order to achieve balance and define Good's existence.   This concept of the primacy of "equal and opposite" is not only false, but is a primary block, hindering our evolution as beings.

I am not going to bother deconstructing all the current philosophical principals which contradict (not disprove) my coming assertions.  This is for a few reasons:  1. It may not be possible in the current paradigm.  2. It is not necessary.  3.  Destruction is against my engineering nature and simply not of interest.  That said...

One of my truisms reads:  "The existence of an object (physical or otherwise) is defined by its absence."  The extraordinary evolutionary implications of this statement have just come to my awareness today; in the last two hours in fact; during the shower I just took.  The towel I used is still around my waist, functioning as my fashionable outfit.

Why is this seemingly unremarkable, but perceptive truism, actually quite remarkable?  Because of what it doesn't say.  Note is says, "absence".  It does not say, "anti-existence".  In numerical terms it is referring to "0", not the Negative of a number as the active agent in establishing the number's quantity.  In terms of physical reality it can be understood as such:  As perceiving beings, we are able to define objects.  When an object is moved, the "nothingness" which occurs (or would occur) in its wake establishes its limits and therefore its existence within our perceived reality.  The defining element is the "nothingness" it leaves behind, NOT a gaping hole of anti-matter left behind.

With this new fundamental precept guiding our extrapolation, development, and creation of our reality as a single vector (from 0 and upward) a different world becomes possible.  Something from nothing becomes possible, i.e. free energy.  Evil no longer must exist to enable Good.  We can simply have Good and the absence of Good, NOT the presence of Evil. i.e. Neutral.  For example, you can either help the old lady across the street or don't help.  You don't have to smack her upside the head as you pass by.  We can have Peace without War, Joy without Depression, Engagement without Boredom, Love without Hate.  Our self-destruction becomes no longer inevitable.  Actually, this is the true nature of reality this very moment, we just need to realize it as a world.

So I say, "Somehow, someday, someway, everything is gonna be alright."  I just hope it's sooner rather than later.

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