Friday, July 06, 2012

Watermelons Kick Ass

Watermelons are a brilliant life form.
They're full of water and sugar (i.e. LIFE) and when do they ripen?  Summer, when animals will need water the most.  What living creature can't enjoy a good watermelon?
Their outer casing is tough and not permeable enough to mess with until ripe.  But when ripe, any swift smack with a hoof or a single deep bite will make a hole with ample access to the inner love.
Then, the seeds are easy to swallow and encased in its watery sweetness; set near the rind so they will be eaten first (as opposed to say a cantaloupe), as the consumer heads to the oh so perfect center.
Not very digestable, the seeds will come out whole in the consuming animals poop - basically, planted in it's own little case of fertilizer and TA DA! another watermelon plant (each plant producing scores of offspring.
Indeed, an evolutionary success story.  God's system worked for these guys.

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