Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Another Thought On Earth, The Alien Farm Planet, etc.

It appears to me that there's some type of significant inverse correlation between Time and Size (both undefined as of yet).  I'm not talking sturdy laws of nature here, I'm entering the realm of plenty of exceptions to the rule, but I simply don't care.

I'm not sure if I mean 'perception' of time or 'term of existence' within time.  Consider:   Small bugs, land based and airborne, move rather quickly relative to their size.  I haven't worked out the math, but they move a hell of a lot faster than our retarded asses.  As creatures increase in size, their speed slows down to something much more manageable (e.g. we can see birds fly across the sky, but a fly can lose us pretty easily, and without going very far away -- and then they TEASE us about our slow-ass reactions by buzzing right in our ear, but never letting us actually see or squash them.

Size continues to increase  - my little Lhasa is quicker than me if he really gets goin, but his high speed tops out low, relative to larger dogs (who he can run circles around within a 20x20 area). Conversely, you switch to a straight sprint, after about 20 yards my Lhasa is so far behind any larger dog that he'll  just lose interest and give up.

Another approach...  Insects live a matter of days, perhaps weeks at best.  Dogs live into their teen years (don't even think of arguing about turtles).  We live just shy of 100 years.  Elephants live...  50 to 70 years.  Never mind.  Let's just throw all animals and the like in together and say their life unit is years.  Plants (thinking esp. trees) can live for decades and centuries.  Then what?  Continental ecosystems as organisms? O.k. So continents live for 100's of millions of years.  Planets for billions of years. Solar systems and suns live for...  well, our sun will live nearly 10 billion years.  Did you know that in terms of volume that the sun could hold 1.3 MILLION Earths?  109 Earths in diameter.  Hmm, I don't know how those two "facts" resolve mathematically.  Even if the Sun were square (larger than a sphere), with 109 Earths on a side, you get...  hey, what do ya know!  1.3 million!  I guess figuring the volume as a square compensates for the space unaccounted for due to the Earth being a sphere...

Anyway, I think this theory pretty much sucks at this point...  we'll see if anything more ever develops...

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