Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Law Enforcement is getting Out of Control

I've had it with traffic law enforcement. I see police driving around in every type of car under the sun. Vans, pick-ups, Hondas, SUV's, etc. Plus, it seems police cars no longer have to be painted black and white. Now it's white with little blue lettering, "Police" on the side. I don't remember approving that change? Then, the lights are being changed to these low profile ones that are harder to see when not being used.
Most people immediately respond to these things saying, "Well it makes sense! It makes them more able to do their job if they aren't so noticeable. It's easy to spot them behind you with those big lights and black and white paint."
THAT'S THE WHOLE IDEA YOU IDIOTS! We WANT to be able to spot them. If I'm speeding and a cop gets on the freeway behind me, I want to be able to see him so I can slow down. Frankly, I don't give a shit if that guy in the green Taurus does a rolling California stop going through that stop sign. If you're sitting at a red light at 4 a.m. and there's not another car within eyesight in any direction, I don't mind if you go through the red light. The focus Police place on traffic enforcement is ridiculous. Everyone knows it's just a means of fund raising. But no one does anything about it.
I didn't have any change, I was late for an appointment. So I didn't drop a quarter in the meter this one time. I was only gonna be 5 minutes anyway. How is it appropriate that I end up paying $30 because a meter maid happened by while I was gone? No, it's not "just the way it is." It's stupid, it's bullshit, it's wrong. Just because a system is already in place, it doesn't mean we can't change it and make it better.
Although, the caretakers of the current system do not make it very easy to make changes. Anyway, I'm losing focus, but you see what I'm getting at.
And one other thing, we need a "no escalation" law governing traffic stops. If you pull me over for a tail light out, that's what I get, a ticket for my tail light. You don't get to "smell something" and search me and my vehicle. You don't get to arrest me for a parking ticket warrant. You get to write me a ticket for what you pulled me over for. The one exception should be for weapons and weapon related issues, but that's it. We've got to stop this slow construction of the police state. We've got to stop it now.

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