Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yeah, they call it FOOTball. I'm so tired of playing the fool...

The world over, futbol, football, etc. is the sport of choice - of passion. Here we call it Soccer. The claim is that in the late 19th century "Association Football" was reduced + "er" to "Soccer". Umm... o.k.? yeah, right. Around this same period a new game is invented. It's roots lie somewhere in Rugby I figure.
Now, here's the good part, for some unknown reason, someone?, decides that this new Rugby style should be called "Football". Nevermind that there already IS a sport called football. Remember? The one played the world over where you kick the ball with your foot? Hence the name "football". So yeah, the powers that be decided that the new, American, Rugby style game is going to steal the name "Football" - this game where you primarily manipulate the ball with your HANDS and much of the game consists of "SOCking" the players of the opposing team... Soccer and Football reminds me very much of the whole "parkway" and "driveway" nonsense; and all the other backwards language created to suppress higher thought. But I digress...
I think the proposal I'm about to make is pretty obvious. The NFL and the rest of the sport (i.e. amateur/education levels) should be referred to as Soccer. I feel it more accurately conjures the violent nature of the sport, and it is an original name for what is an original sport. Furthermore, what we now call Soccer should from here on, be referred to as Football. It seems when the entire world refers to a game played primarily with your FEET and a BALL, it would be prudent to cooperate and also call the game FOOTBALL when it is played in your country...
Just to be sure we're straight here, think of it this way:
The Dallas Cowboys are a SOCCER team. The Superbowl is the championship game for professional SOCCER. Pele was a great FOOTBALL player. The AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) is now the AYFO. That pleasantly plump mom, driving the mini-van is a FOOTBALL MOM. FOOT-ball is a game played with your FEET!
If we want it to, the world CAN make sense. We could park on parkways and drive on driveways. And maybe, just maybe, if we would bother to straighten out all these little bits of insanity, clogging our minds and cross-wiring our brains, we could move forward to some higher, more interesting levels of thought and new ways of being.

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