Thursday, October 22, 2009

Revisiting the Notion of Two

Previously I posted something about opposites and such, not too long ago. This may be similar but not the same... Not entirely sure what I'm about to write...

Some previously laid foundation:

In order for something to exist:
It must be able to not exist.
It must be distinguishable from some other .

O.K. So what?
This came about while I was listening to a speech by Ahmadinejad. He was talking about God being all for good, love, rightness, brotherhood, etc. Which, conceptually, I'm down for. I started wonder though, looking at the concept of good, in order for it to exist at all, i.e. for something to be described as good, something else must be not good, right?
When I say not good, what do I mean? Frankly, I'm not sure (haha - not sure).
Do I mean evil? or is neutral good enough? or is it in the grammar... ?
To be good, something else must NOT be good.
To be good, something else must be NOT GOOD.
Hmmm... I'm gonna let the brain process this a little bit... I'll pickup here or somewhere else when I next feel like it.

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