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A More Believable Approach to this Reptilian Nonsense...

So, I have the deepest respect for a gentleman named David Icke. I consider him a colleague among investigators of the nature of reality. (BTW: I am initiating the founding of a new organization: the Nature of Reality Discussion and Investigation Collaborative, the NORDIC group. ...fuck the Bilderbergers!) Anyway...
Mr. Icke will blow your mind for hours on end; giving articulate and clear explanations for the ongoings of our world and spiritual understanding. After a while, you can't help but say, "Wow, that's an amazing body of thought." Then he says the world is ruled by reptilian beings which take over people's bodies at times... and you say, "What the F___?!?"
As a believer in non-judgement and open-minded approach, I set out to find understanding regarding this unusual perspective. What I found is an alternate explanation of the presented data that I believe is an even more powerful understanding of reality than we have touched on thus far... let's see if i can do this... :

Unfortunately, in the late '80s, I found sex and LSD far more engaging than Calculus and abandoned my formal physics education. As such, I make what I find as intuitive assumptions, which may or may not be currently supported by quantum theory. I believe my assumptions are accurate but if not, PLEASE ALERT ME to the discrepancy and the truth of the matter. Thanks.

So at the level far below atoms, electrons, etc. matter's nature can be described as a collection of vibrating strings. Matter I therefor see as being 'sound' in it's true form. Physical existence might be viewed as just very low frequency sound. And I mean Very LOW. So low that it is probably equally accurate to view it as EXTREMELY High frequency. Putting this brain fuck aside, reality is vibrating strings...

The illusory nature of reality is another fundamental concept. By this, I mean the realization that what we perceive as 'real' or 'the world around us' is nothing more than a figment of our imagination. How can this be? Look at vision... (ha, very punny!). Light reflects off 'objects' and stimulates our eyes, which generates electrical impulses which travel through nerves to our visual cortex which then interprets the pattern of electrical impulses and summarizes the information by creating this internal, mental, 'sensory perception' we call vision - or 'seeing'.
Understand that we perceive only a tiny range of the vibrating energy making up reality. The frequency range which we happen to 'see' is no more valid or real than those far higher and far lower - we just don't perceive them. Also keep in mind that vision is no different than hearing, touching, and smell/tasting. All our senses are just perceptions of parts of the infinite range of frequencies of vibrating energy. e.g. Unadulterated LSD directly influences this sensory system. It alters a person's range of frequency perception. i.e. it shifts the entire range. Visually for example, due to the shift, what are perceived as 'primary colors', instead of being blue, red, and yellow, become green, purple, and orange. This results in the different 'look' of the world when under the drug's influence. The synchronous nature of the world which is perceived is not a hallucination or unreal, it's just frequencies we normally do not perceive. Likewise at the other end of our perceptual range, frequencies become lost to our perception as well. Which is why persons on the drug seem so 'disconnected from reality'. While most frequencies are still shared by people on LSD and those not, the edges of perception are not shared nor are the mean and median frequencies. But, I've digressed...
From the paragraph above, we pull the understanding that what we commonly believe as "reality" is just a 3-D movie we create in our brains and that the true nature of existence is just a bunch of 'energy', vibrating at various frequencies, interacting. The monitor you're looking at, does not exist. In that 'space' energy is vibrating in such a way that your mind interprets the resulting electical impulses as what you conceive of as a 'monitor'. Whereas in reality, there are many more frequencies in that 'space' - there's a lot more to the true nature of that particular position in reality. ...man, this shit is f--ked up!
So, where does all this vibrating energy come from? Why/how is it here? or really, How is it?
Existense is fundamentally the result of dichotomy. We are a "second tier" dichotomy. At the base level, the universe is the contrast between 'is' and 'naught' or 'not' ('is not' is actually the context of the universe and therefore a component of a greater dichotomous contrast permitting the existence of multiple universes... and so on, and so on... ...isn't multiple universes self contradictory?) Within the 'is' component, we are half of the contrast between 'consciousness' and 'unconsciousness' - the elusive difference between a chemical reaction and life. Indeed, we are by nature an infinite, unified consciousness. The reason we are 'we' instead of a single 'I' is the because I was wrong, we are a "third tier" dichotomy. We are the dichotomy which occurs within consciousness - i.e. consciousness experiencing itself. (I'm sure tiers are or are directly related to dimension, but I'll leave that for later. ...focus, focus, focus...) As a side note: funny that this is actually an explanation of the existence of invisible, lizard people, ruling the world... lol.
O.K., so here we are: ... consciousness, limited into perception of only slivers of frequencies of present energy, resulting in the illusion of individuals being alive and disconnected from other life forms so that consciousness may experience itself... [pant, pant, pant...]
Through processes outside the scope of this thesis, we get solar systems, planets, etc... and we come to earth.
We exist/are alive/whatever, on earth. Our consciousness exists here at it's unique frequency(ies); as does everything else. One of our means of perceiving energy is via hot/cold. A perception of the relative nature of temperature/frequency supporting the concept of what is other vs. what is ourself. Heat is essentially the perception of greater energy being expended than us. Cold is the perception of less energy being expended than we are. When something is heated up, it is being infused with energy - the molecules/matter speeds up - it's frequency increases. Via this system, we have two types of life forms: ones that generate heat (mammals and the like) and those that absorb heat (reptiles, etc) (I thing vegetation creates a little heat but I don't really know - plants may be part of the neutral context... for another time).
The range of frequencies we exist in is a limited set and has a stable range which the average frequency stays within, as individuals around the world heat up and cool down due to their individual circumstances.
Thus, we have arrived at the point at which we are existing and living our lives, vibrating away..., experiencing our imaginative, conceptual summaries of electrical impulses. Among the subsets of conceptual summaries is Heat, which is a perceptual measure of the frequency of present energy.

Global warming. Presented as scary and dangerous stuff. For which of course, we are to blame. More specifically, it's a result of gasses which are by products of many of our creations. "Bad human! You've defied nature and fucked up again!" As if such a thing were possible...
Maybe things are a little different. Maybe a bit more logical... I posit...
I'm wondering if just maybe, HEAT may be why the planet is heating up... as opposed to certain gases produced by machines and other things; particularly those which consume petroleum products. The human population and that of other, related, large mammals (cows) has grown exponentially in the last... 10,000 years? For the most part due to two factors: simple procreation and increased life span. Human (mammals, etc) have but a few by products: salt water of various compositions, poop, sound, and... (drum roll please...) HEAT! Humans also have a new found hobby. They create things which simulate life. There are two processes which make these creations possible: burning stuff and electricity. These processes have an essential characteristic in common... they produce HEAT. You may have noticed in recent history, that creations of this nature have drenched the world. I'm sure you've seen the pictures of earth at night taken from orbit. That's a LOT of lights, all of which are producing heat. Not to mention every other electrical device, combustion engines, etc...
So, take all the devices, etc. that we make, the animals we breed for food, pets, and whatever, and our own world population and you get heat being generated at ridiculously unprecedented (so we think) levels. So which is more likely to be the cause of global warming: green house gases or HEAT? Seems kinda silly to me that I even have to ask the question.
So what? Well, yes, I happen to have more to say about this... first of all, we are not destroying the planet. Altering it, yes, but not destroying it. In fact we are nothing more than part of an on going cycle of heating and cooling which earth would go through regardless of our existence. Life is (among other things) a counter weight to this process. ...Here comes the crazy shit... at the frequency range we have been in, we are interpreted by our minds to be as we are - kinda like hairless monkeys. Heat producing life forms to be sure. What we have come to believe were ice ages, are the cold end of the heat/cool cycle. As the earth cools, more and more heat producing life emerges and slowly reverses the process. It is believed that such life form changes occur through the process of evolution. I'll concede that possibly, early on, evolution may have driven the heat/cool cycle, but tedium quickly gave way to a more efficient form of life. One that was reactive to changes in temperature/frequency. I say this not speaking of individuals, but at least on the scale of species wide average, if not life as a whole. Humans (and all life I suspect) as a species, present differently at higher (and lower i suspect) frequencies. As the frequency of humanity increases with global warming, a critical frequency begins to be reached; first by those humans with the highest personal base frequencies. Now, why would such a limit exist? Why don't we just keep getting warmer with no real change exept for eventual boiling points and the like? Well in order to preserve life and not reach boiling points would be one reason life would do this. Furthermore, we are quite simply, part of the life cycle of earth as a whole - by definition. Heat producing life, the source of the warming, self corrects. We begin to transform as we hit this critical frequency. Understand this is not an overnight process. While individuals can transform over a lifetime, it's a very gradual process. What do we transform into? Cold-blooded life forms. Life alters itself to absorb heat rather than produce it. Eventually (over thousands or millions of years), with the reduction of heat production, equilibrium is reached, followed by cooling. As the mean frequency of the species hits the transformation line, transformation back to heat producing life begins. The individuals with the lowest relative frequencies begin the transformation first. What determines the frequency of any given individual? It's coded in our DNA.
I'm getting tired so i'll cut to the chase. The people who transform back to what we call human have the advantage of setting up society. Originally, the warmer (more energy - higher frequency) your climate, the higher your frequency. Now with the global society, that isn't always true. Regardless, as an imperfect generalization, skin color also co-varies with climate of origin. As such, not always, but in the majority, along the spectrum of race/color, black people have higher frequencies than white people. Furthermore, darker people tend to transform to cold blooded sooner than lighter. This is the period we are approaching. In 2012 the mean frequency will have passed the critical limit and transformation will be the rule, not the exception. Misunderstanding will pin the occurrence on race, alien and demon possession, malformed DNA, and god knows what. Whatever the justification, mass genocide is the fear driven response. The illuminati are the thirteen bloodlines of lowest frequency. They are trying to stop the heating process early so that they don't transform. It's knowledge of this process that truly sets them aside from the rest of humanity. This is why breeding and DNA are so important to them. This is why massive detention facilities are all over the U.S. This is why Africa and South America aren't mentioned in the 'New World Order'. This is why the illuminati seek global domination and control. This is why blacks are oppressed and imprisoned. This is what's really going on. In a perverted, inaccurate sentence, black people are going to transform into lizard people first and soon. I'm pooped. Try to get your head around this stuff and understand. Dont be an idiot and take this stuff from a racist perspective. The key to handling the situation lies in unity.

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