Saturday, March 29, 2008

Military Personnel: Patriotic or just Aggressive?

Could war just be a means of weeding out overly aggressive genetic lines?
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Let's see if I can retrace this. It takes a certain type of person to succeed in the military. I am not one of them. You hear of families of soldiers fairly regularly. "My Grandpa fought in WWII. My Dad was in Vietnam. Now I am in Iraq." As if they're genetically prone to military service. I'm positing that they very well may be.

If you are running a country, there's always going to be a number of people very opposed to your governing. What you don't want is for these people to pull together a mass of people who could make a coordinated effort to depose you. Especially dangerous are people with violent tendencies and minds that are easily influenced - either by genetic design or poor education. The military seeks to swoop up these types of individuals. Ideal soldiers. But you can't just have scrimmages. These people need to exercise their natures - so we throw 'em a war. The nice thing is that while satisfying their violent natures, you're also thinning their numbers, making room for the coming generations of fighters. You'll notice that the aristocracy of the USA is not made up of veterans. Sure there are a fair number, but not like during the Roman Empire and such. Violent persons playing the social power game are dangerous and can be unpredictably deadly. Therefore they are discouraged from gaining too much wealth and/or fame. Instead, we send them to fight and die.

It's easy to say, "nuh-uh." That's a bunch of BS. Think though, have you known very many peole that actually wanted a war? Diplomacy and mediation seem like pretty effective tools in resolving conflict when applied skillfully. But no. Off we go to fight - every time against the will of the people (since WWII). First is the military-industrial complex. War makes money. But surely there are other ways to make money. Why not smuggle coke or something? Bastards. I say they are keeping those of the population most likely to engage in violence against the state at a managable number. Why do you think the military stresses following orders over thinking so much? Otherwise it would be even more difficult to get them to do deplorable acts... Now the gov't has even discovered they don't have to kill them. Just fuck up their minds enough and when the do come back they'll be no worry - they will never to be a part of organized violence again. hmm...

A little more optimistic and reasonable application of this idea might be this: In order to achieve peace in the world, we need to have a bunch of wars. That way we can kill off all those pesky aggressive genes that instigate all the violence. Perhaps that's the hidden agenda behind all the ill-begotten wars? If, like myself, you believe there is no sufficient justification for starting a war, then war is the perfect way to weed out those that think initiating a war is o.k. (and persons that can't seem to combat their ignorance.) Possibly a very effective means of sharpening up the gene pool. Just a thought...

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