Thursday, April 03, 2008

I wrote this as a response to some guys blog...

He was talkin about some online arrtard game called miss bimbo.

This may be the absolute wrong place to post this, but i had to it off my chest (thank you for allowing me a place to express myself).
This miss bimbo game - i read the comments after the article and was disappointed as usual. folks appalled at the game's degenerate messages normalizing breast implants, crash dieting, and ... being a bimbo. parent or not, wake up people, that stuff has ALREADY been normalized - now 'skin dyes' are still in development so waste your time over there perhaps... The important question is this: Are these parents so lacking influence in their children's social development that an online retardo fashion show game is really a threat to their child's healthy development? Uh oh, you mean a Pa-Rent-al-unit cant just plop the kid in front of an internet connection and go back to downloading free porn clips?!?!?! (actually you can, but...) Oh my gosh! if you don't carefully Screen and control your children's available internet content they might... be exposed to THE REAL WORLD. They may have to teach their children assessment, analysis, independent thinking, good judgment, and maybe even follow their heart?!?! It's not the kids f'in up in this world, it's not society (while f'ed up in it's own right) that's messin up the kids, and actually it not the parenting either; it's the LACK of parenting that's causing the problem. It's parents not taking an approach towards their children sophisticated enough to engage their child's mind. and more, and more, etc... but one more thing: ADD does NOT exist! The people (chldrn/adults) are BORED! We are not functioning freely. Humans did not develop into these wonderful beings that we are, only to spend most of our lives slaving for an overlord's profit in a cubicle. We are being stunted. Working in a gas station mini-mart is not fulfilling ones highest self within the universe. ....but back to basics... IF YOU'RE A REAL PARENT, MISS BIMBO IS JUST AMUSING - NOT A SIGN OF THE SOCIETY BREAKING DOWN. THE CONTENT OF YOUR EXISTENCE IS THE CLEAREST EVIDENCE OF THAT...

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