Friday, May 04, 2007

Winning Some for the Crazies

So, first my "skin condition". While M.D.'s have been jerking me around for three years, saying that the bilateral pairs of pimples which occur on my arms, legs, torso, and face, which unhindered, grown and burst, becomming open, unhealing sores are simply created by me being a tweaker and picking at my own skin; I have been diligently researching the symptoms i experience (pimples, sores, black blood, skin discoloration, swelling...) Finally reaching a diagnosis of a fungal infection and perscribing my self griseofulvin internally, along with lotrimin ultra topically - i am almost symptom free - almost cured. I estimate complete, sustainable recovery within 4 weeks. Fuck the doctors.

According to the people around me, i also hallucinate. I have often reported a tiny fly in my home. very fast, quite small (much smaller than a house fly) as a possible contributor to something? of course, noone else has ever seen it/one of them. They generally are only seen by me in the wee hours of the morning, say 3am-6am. Of course people almost unanimously feel im just seeing things, hallucinating, making the thing up in my mind. Well, mother fuckers, I caught him/one. So, fuck you. Let me know when you want to check it out. Tiny little body of bizarre composition, with Huge Wings (for the body size). Sit and spin you assholes!

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