Friday, May 04, 2007

Now to solve Iran and N. Korean issues...

I have a sneaking suspicion that this might work:
Iran/N.Korea permits UN/US inspectors UNHINDERED access to all sites in order to confirm the absence of weapon related hardware and software, as well as the absense of any possible conversion to weapon related use.

This will occur with US permission of UN/Irn., N.K. inspectors UNHINDERED access to the site located in the vicinity of Groom Lake, NV often referred to as Area 51, or wherever they find technology development which in ANY way could be incorporated into our weaponry. Transparency is scary at first. Most have some watered down concept of it, but really don't understand just how strong a person or nation must be to initiate it.

See, it just doesn't work having the US tromping around the world demanding military transparency when the US doesn't provide it/require it of itself. We should have listened to Eisenhower a little bit closer. In his final address, he warned us of most of our greatest problems being very possible futures. [someday i'll post a link to that speech here].

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